Annotated Bibliography Miami Shores, Florida [online]. Accessed 10 December 2004.  Available:

Area Connect is a website that provides statistical information about any city in the United States. It is large search engine that can function as a yellow-pages type of service, news source, weather update source, or one of many other applications. We used Area Connect to find demographic and population information about the city of Miami. The information of the Area Connect Website was based on information collected from the 2000 Census.

Australia Immigration Visa Services, Twenty one ways to Migrate to
Australia [online].  18 December 2004.

This website was created by the Australian Immigration Visa Services in order to help peopleobtain a visa for Australias. The website was created in response to the popularity of the book Twenty Ways to Migrate to Australia. Creating a website allowed the Immigration Service to the information without printing a new addition of the book. The website was helpful to our project because many Colombians are migrating to Australia to escape the political unrest and poverty in Colombia.

Beacon Council. Education in Greater Miami [online].
10 December 2004. Available:
The Beacon Council is Miami-Dade County's Official Economic Development partner.  It helps to create jobs and opportunities for the people of the community.  Its comprehensive website provides the results of research conducted in the community and compliments this with thorough analyses of the information.  The site also includes details regarding upcoming events and business-related activities in the city.  The Beacon Council is a helpful site for conducting research on current issues in Miami-Dade county and also serves to help small-business owners in the area. 

Christoforo-Mitchell, Rose. The Heritage and Culture of Puerto Ricans [online]. The Yale College Website.

17 December 2004. Available:

The Yale New Haven Teachers Institute is a result of a joint venture between Yale University and New Haven Public Schools aimed at improving and enhancing learning within the local schools.  Linked to the Yale University website, the YNHTI’s online services include a listing of brochures, reports, publications and curriculum resources related to the institute. It contains extensive information on American and multi-cultural history, geography, religion, arts, as well as on other disciplines in the form of write-ups. One of the sections contained on the website the section on The Heritage and Culture of Puerto Ricans.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Website. Top 25 Colleges for Latinos[online]. Accessed

         December 2004
. Available:
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute is an organization that seeks to enhance participation of Hispanics in both the public as well as private spheres of life. Originally established by five Hispanic Congressmen, the organization today has several programs in place aimed at fostering educational, political, and civic involvement of Hispanics in the community. The organization has in place a CHCI Alumni Association and is also developing partnerships with other Latino as well as non-Latino groups.  The website is comprehensive in the information it contains about the organization’s educational programs, national housing initiative, publications, other beneficial resources and events.

Hill, Kevin A., and Dario V. Moreno, 2001.  Language as a variable: English, Spanish, ethnicity, and

        political opinion polling in
South Florida.  Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 23:208-229.
This article provides an interesting analysis of surveying and the influence of language when conducting public opinion surveys.  Hill and Moreno, both of the Florida International Institute, stress the importance of language as a measured social science concept.  They conducted their research in Miami-Dade County, where they administered six political surveys, some of which were printed in English, others in Spanish.  Hill and Moreno discovered the great importance of bilingual polling as a result of this experiment.  The article not only reflects new information regarding polling, but also a well-corroborated argument concerning assimilation.

Hispanic  Miami [online].  Accessed 19 December 2004.  Available:

HispanicOnline is a Hispanic web resource of political, sports, career, employment, arts and entertainment news and information relevant and pertinent to the Hispanic community. It is under the ownership of the Hispanic Publishing Group, which also owns the Hispanic Magazine and the Hispanic Trends Magazine. Besides the content mentioned, the website also contains demographics and polling data on Hispanics in the United States and education and technology news and information, all of which is updated daily. It also consists of a message board and is a very useful resource for Hispanics as well as anyone interested in learning more about the Hispanic community.  Miami, Florida: Little Haiti [online].  Accessed 19 December 2004

        Available: originated as a German language travel guide to the United States. The success of the of the online travel guide forced it to expand to an English language guide in 2002. promotes tourism in the United States and offers travelers with the most accurate information about their destination. gathers the latest information from tourism bureaus all over the world.  We were able to attain pertitent information about events and attractions in Miami from this site.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools. About M-DSPC [online]. Accessed
10 December 2004.


Miami-Dade County Public Schools' website provides very thorough information regarding school performance, district policies, demographics, and urban education philosophy.  The site gives information regarding upcoming events and opportunities for involvement in the school.  The site provides information regarding its federal funding, its proposed budget, and goals for the future.  We were able to use this site to attain specific statistical information which we could then analyze and form conclusions about schools and education in Miami.

Official City of Miami Website.  Allapattah [online].  Accessed 18 December 2004.  Available:  

This is the official site of the City of Miami.  It is designed to be helpful to anyone whether you are a resident, visitor, or city employee. It includes city departments as well as an extensive list of resources and contact information for residents. You can also find factual information about the city and visitor information. We were able to find lots of relevant information about the city of Miami. The website allowed us to explore the many different neighborhoods and areas within the city. The website is a public service provided by the City of Miami System for both public and government personnel use.

Stepick, A., G. Grenier, M. Castro, and M. Dunn.  2003.  This Land Is Our Land:  Immigrants

        and Power in
Miami.  Berkeley: University of California Press.

This Land is Our Land is a well-written and informative analysis of the immigrant experience coming into the United States.  The book shows both how immigrants adjust to society and how society is shaped by the influence of immigrants.  The book is focused around a study that looked at Latino involvement in Miami schools, workplaces, and businesses.  In particular, This Land is Our Land examines the relationship in these settings between Latinos and people of different ethnic backgrounds.  It is a very thorough and comprehensive resource published at UC-Berkeley.

United States Census Bureau Website. Census 2000 Paints Statistical Portrait of the Nation's

        Hispanic Population [online]. Accessed
10 December 2004.  Available:
The website of the United States Census Bureau is an extensive resource of periodic information collected on the U.S. population as well as related demographic information. The information contained can be separated and searched for by topic, geography (state, county, etc.) or time period (the year the information was collected for). The website is linked to the American Fact Finder website which is also a beneficial resource of statistical data as well as other information contained within the U.S. Census Bureau data sets. The Bureau also conducts surveys, many of which are for federal agencies. Miami Guide.  Accessed 15 December 2004.  Available:

The website is branched from the website was developed and is sponsored by the Immigration Law Offices Incorporated, a law firm based in Miami and Pompano Beach, Florida. This free service website was created for immigrants to be a guide through everyday life in the United States. For our purposes we used the guide for immigrants in Miami. To gather accurate information, has used government and non-profit organizations.

Wikipedia Free Online Encyclopedia .  Miami, Florida [online].  Accessed 14 December 2004


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia sponsored by the Wikipedia Foundation, an internationally known non- profit organization. The long standing goal of the Wikipedia Foundation is to spread multilingual information to people all over the world free of charge. The website provided us with a surplus of information about the City of Miami including maps and many other interesting facts.

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