Latinos in Miami

Miami is the unquestionable capital of the Caribbean...Latin America’s Ellis Island." 30

The city of Miami is located in Miami-Dade County in southeast Florida. The word ‘Miami’ is derived from the Native American word meaning ‘sweet water'.  The city covers a total area of 143.1 km2.  When first founded in 1896, Miami's population was a small 300 people.  Tremendous growth occurred during the 1920s, and large-scale migrations of people from the northern United States and Latin American countries has made Miami the vivacious city it is today.  Miami also now ranks as the third largest immigration port in the United States following only New York and LA.23

According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the city has a total population of 362,470 people and 134,198 households.24  Miami is often considered a melting pot of many different cultures, ethnic and racial groups and communities.

In this cultural melting pot, we've come to see an increasingly significant Latino influence over the years.  Currently, about 66% of the city’s population is Latino.  These 238,351 persons of Hispanic origin both have and continue to influence the community politically, socially, and economically.25

Miami is often recognized for its large Cuban population. In fact, about 52% of all Cubans live in Miami-Dade County. 27  ‘Miamians’ as they are referred to by Hispano Mundo, an organization committed to sharing the history and culture of Hispanic immigrants, are comprised of a sizable population of immigrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Columbia, and other South American countries.28

The combination of people from so many different national back
grounds has made Miami what it is today--a multicultural city "bursting with flavor."29

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