The Advanced Civil Engineering Materials Research Laboratory (ACE-MRL) has facilities for material processing, microstructure quantification, and properties testing. The processing facilities include various conventional and advanced mixing machines, and conventional and high frequency vibration tables. The microstructure quantification facilities include thin sectioning tools, grinding machines, mercury intrusion porosimeter and microscopes. The material testing facilities include several loading frames (20-600 kips). In addition, a fully equipped structural floor and reaction wall for large scale testing is available adjacent to the ACE-MRL facility. Some available specialized equipment are described in the following:

  • MTS 810 servohydraulic material test system with closed-loop capacity. System is digitally controlled and software driven by a workstation. Capacity: 55,000 lbs.
  • HIROX video microscope, CX-5040RZ, with 20 megapixel digital image capture system, and 3-D rotational image capacity. Magnification: 50X - 800X
  • STABLETEMP PID microprocessor controlled mechanical convection oven with temperature range from 50ºC to 275ºC. Capacity: 5 cubic feet.
  • MK ceramic and concrete cutting saw with 25cm blade and adjustable cutting capacity for material specimens up to 11.5cm deep.
  • NIKON polarizing microscope, OPTIPHOT-POL, with automatic microflex camera. Magnification: 40X-1000X.
  • CHRYSLER controlled environmental room automatically maintains setting temperature and humidity. Room space is 8 ft x 8 ft x 8.5 ft.
  • QUANTACHROME autoscan-60 mercury porosimeter.
  • VIBCO compaction table with adjustable vibration frequency and acceleration force. Frequency range: 0 - 166 Hz.
  • Fiber Cutter with feed-rate control.
  • Electro-Scan environmental scanning electron microscope, at Electron Microbeam Analysis Laboratory at U-M, available for our research use.
  • HIMONT plasma treatment system for fiber surface modifications under various gas type, power, flow rate, and pressure.
  • Instrumented Impact Tester, ICI Australia Operation Pty Ltd.
  • BMA Low/High Temperature Humidity Test Chamber ECL-5. Capacity: 5.8 cubic feet; Temperature: 0 - 94 deg.C; Humidity: 20% - 98%.
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