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High Early Strength ECC

(Inventors: V. C. Li & S. Wang, US Patent No. 7,799,127. Issued in September, 2010)

Engineered Self-Healing Cementitious Composites

(Inventors: V. C. Li & E.H. Yang, US Patent No. 7,572,501. Issued in August, 2009)

Sprayable ECC

(Inventors: V. C. Li, Y. Y. Kim & H.J. Kong, US Patent No. 7,241,338. Issued in July, 2007)

Tailoring of Pre-existing Flaws in ECC Matrix for Saturated Strain Hardening

(Inventors: V. C. Li & S. Wang, US Patent No. 7,169,224 Issued on January 30, 2007)

Lightweight ECC

(Inventors: V. C. Li & S. Wang, US Patent No. 6,969,423 Issued on November 29, 2005)

Self-Compacting ECC

(Inventors: V. C. Li & H.J. Kong, US Patent No. 6,809,131. Issued on October 26, 2004)

Ductile Strip

(Inventors: V. C. Li & J. Zhang, US Patent No. 6,694,690, Issued on February 24, 2004)

Auto-adaptive Frame

(Inventors: G. Fischer & V. C. Li, US Patent No. 6,662,506, Issued on December 16, 2003)

Fiber Plasma Treatment

(Inventors: V. C. Li & H.C. Wu, US Patent No. 5,788,760, Issued on August 4, 1998)


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