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Years 2016-18

Invited lecture at the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, July 2018.

Cook-out party, May, 2018.

At CISE 2018 party.

With former students at SHCC-4 Conference in Dresden, Germany, Sept., 2017.

At workshop on ECC, HKUST, June 2017.

At BEFIB 2016, with former students, post-docs and colleagues.

Received Life-time Achievement Award at BIFIB 2016.

At the Gordon Research Conference, HKUST, Hong Kong, Aug., 2016.

Co-chairing the ECC Workshop, Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, China, July, 2016.

ACE-MRL Gathering, July, 2016.

Previous Years

Accepting the International Grand Prize for the CIC Innovation Award, Governor's House, Hong Kong, Dec., 2015.

Maple Qian received her doctoral degree, Dec., 2015.

Visit to DTE Fermi Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Tower, Oct., 2015.

Professor Li speaks to NPR about the future of roads
(link to the Radio talk),
July, 2015.

V. Li gives keynote lecture at the Hong Kong ICE Conference "Thinking out of the Box." April, 2015.

Received Rackham Distinguished Mentor Award. With President Mark S. Schlissel and other awardees, April, 2015.

Congratulations to Maple for successful defense of her PhD thesis, April, 2015.

Visit to ACE-MRL by Associate Structural Engineer at SOM David Shook,
Mar., 2015.
(Bending demo conducted)

With Tianjin Univ. - Nantong City delegation, Feb., 2015.

Invited lecture at Tsinghua University, Dec., 2014.

With former students, postdocs, and colleagues, Stanford, CA, Nov., 2014.

Visit with Professor H. Savastano at Univ. of São Paulo, Oct., 2014.

Dinner with James Rice, Herbert Einstein, Franz-Josef Ulm and Zhigang Suo after seminar at Harvard Univ., Sept., 2014.

Farewell luncheon for Devki, August, 2014.

Farewell luncheon for Ravi, July, 2014.

With Prof. Sun Wei at SEU, June 2014.

ECC China Workshop group photo, June 2014.

With Chris Leung, Jinlong Pan, and Yuen Fong (4 generations) at ECC China Workshop 2014.

ECC workshop in China, June 2014.

ECC workshop in China 2, June 2014.

With Chris Leung and his students at HKUST, May 2014.

Visit to Odawara Viaduct with ECC dampers, with Dr. T. Kanda, Mar 2014.

With Maekawa-sensei at Univ. of Tokyo, Mar 2014

Farewell luncheon for Dr. Jiangtao Yu, Feb., 2014.

Congratulations to Ravi for successful defense of his PhD thesis, January, 2014.

Celebrate winning of the Arbor Network PhD Research Impact Award by Dr. Tetsu Kanda, a former member of the ACE-MRL, on Nov., 15th, 2013.
(Pic 1) (Pic 2)

Dr. Mustafa Sahmaran, a former member of the ACE-MRL, received the Turkish Academy of Science -Young Scientist Award from the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Turkey in Nov., 2013.

Visit to Advance Concrete Products Co., August, 2013. (Pic 1) (Pic 2)

ACE-MRL Gathering, August, 2013. (Pic 1) (Pic 2)

With Priscilla Nguyen at the SROP poster presentation session, July., 2013.

Farewell luncheon for Juan, Nov., 2012.

Visit to ACE-MRL by City of Ann Arbor, July, 2012. (Pic 1) (Pic 2)

First meeting for collaborative research with Univ. of Tokyo (Visit to ACE-MRL by Prof. Maekawa and Prof. Ishida), June, 2012.

Visit to ACE-MRL by MI State Representative Paul Opsommer, and Senators Tom Casperson, Phil Pavlov and Mike Kowall, May, 2012.

Farewell to Marie Ternes, May, 2012.

Group photo at Mo's farewell luncheon, July, 2011.

Mo reading the group card at her farewell luncheon, July, 2011.

Party after invited lecture at U. Tokyo, Japan, July, 2010.

Invited lecture at JCI, Tokyo, Japan, July, 2010.

Simin's farewell luncheon, June, 2010

Farewell luncheon for Halle, May, 2010.

Congratulations to Dr. Mo Li on her graduation, April, 2010.

Farewell Lunch for Lili Kan, March, 2010.

Visit by Alfred and Judy Taubman at the ACE-MRL, Dec-2009.

ACE-MRL bids farewell to Asami Yamamoto, July 2009.

Ravi Ranade wins the Outstanding Instructor Award of ASEE, April 2009

UM Media report on Self Healing ECC, April, 2009

Prof Victor Li explaining D-TN Bart Gordon about ECC at the CNSF exhibition, March 2009

Prof Victor Li and Ravi Ranade with NSF Director Arden Bement (center) at the CNSF exhibition, March 2009

ACE-MRL Research Group, Sustainability Fair, Feb 2009

Farewell dinner for Dr. En-hua Yang, April, 2008

Prof Li presents Yang a momento on behalf of ACEMRL, April, 2008

Mo Li wins the University of Michigan Outstanding Student Instructor Award, April, 2008

OSIA Award Ceremony, April, 2008

Farewell dinner for Jian Zhou, Nov., 2007

Farewell party for Andrea, Sept., 2007

With Prof. Sun Wei and friends at HPFRCC-5, Germany, July, 2007

With RILEM TC HFC Committee, July, 2007

With former and current presidents, Framcos-6, June, 2007

With David and Alberto, at Framcos-6, Italy, June, 2007

Farewell party for Shunzhi, June, 2007

With Tony at Commencement, April, 2007

With Scott at Self-Heal Conf., Holland, April, 2007

With Sybrand at Keukenhof Garden, Holland, April, 2007

Farewell dinner for Mustafa, Jan, 2007

With participants at the Bendable Concrete Course, Ann Arbor,
Dec., 2006

With Holmer and Babatunde, Sao Paulo, Nov., 2006

With UM President Mary Sue Coleman, Ann Arbor, MI, Oct., 2006

ACE-MRL cookout, Aug., 2006

With Vice Dean Jin at Zhejiang University, China, June, 2006

Signing collaborative agreement with Prof. Sun Wei, China, May, 2006

With Prof. Sun Wei and Pat after ceremony, Southeast Univ., China, May, 2006

With Vice Chancellor Liu, accepting appointment as Guest Professor at Southeast Univ., China, May, 2006

With Prof. and Mrs. Huang, and friends at Tsinghua University, China, May, 2006

With Prof. Yu after giving lecture at Tsinghua University, China, May, 2006

With Takashi and Tetsu, outside of CE Research Institute at Hokkaido, Japan, May, 2006

With Prof and Mrs. Mai, at Sydney workshop on Fracture, Australia, Jan., 2006

At Durability Workshop, Qingdao, China, Oct., 2005

Holding a discussion meeting
with colleagues at Southeast University, China, Oct., 2005.

With Professor Sun Wei and Dr. Dong at Southeast University, China, Oct., 2005.

At the Wylie's, Ann Arbor, Aug., 2005

With colleagues at HKUST, Hong Kong, July, 2005

With students at DTU/RILEM summer school, DTU, Denmark, June, 2005

With colleagues at the Hojgaard Foundation Conference, Denmark, June, 2005

With the Knud Hojgaard professors, DTU, Denmark, June, 2005

With Henrik and Pat, HPFRCC Workshop, Hawaii, May, 2005

With current and former students, HPFRCC Workshop, Hawaii, May, 2005

With the organizing committee, HPFRCC Workshop, Hawaii, May, 2005

With Albert Yee at UC, Irvine, May, 2005

Fairwell party for Shuxin, May, 2005

Receiving the Stephen S. Attwood Award from Dean
Steve Director, April, 2005

Lecturing at the AIK Conference, Seoul, Korea, Jan., 2005

With organizers and keynote speakers of the AIK Conference

With Marco and Mrs. de Prisco, and Pat at Lake Como, Italy, BEFIB-2004, Sept., 2004

With Herbert Krenchel and Pat in Lyngby, Denmark, May, 2004

Receiving Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Rector of DTU, Lyngby, Denmark, April, 2004

With Dr. and Mrs. Lars Pallesen, and Pat, after DTU graduation ceremony, Lyngby, Denmark, April, 2004

With Henrik and Birgitte, after DTU graduation ceremony, Lyngby, Denmark, April, 2004

With Dr. and Mrs. Cleve Moler, after DTU graduation ceremony, Lyngby, Denmark, April, 2004

With Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Moller, after DTU graduation ceremony, Lyngby, Denmark, April, 2004

With participants of Framcos-5, April, 2004 at Vail, Colorado

Presiding the Framcos-5 General Assembly Meeting, Vail, Colorado, April, 2004.

With members and friends of the ACE-MRL, April, 2004

With Mike, Shuxin and Shunzhi at Framcos-5, April, 2004

With Kasper Willam, Framcos-5, Vail, Colorado, April, 2004

With JC Roumain, April, 2004

With Folker Wittmann and Luigi Cedolin, April, 2004

With Alberto Carpinteri, April, 2004

With board of directors of
IA- Framcos, April, 2004

With Sarah Billington and little Anna, April, 2004

With Dorothy and Suru Shah, April, 2004

With Andrzej Brandt at BMC7, Warsaw, Poland, Oct., 2003

With Henrik, Mike, Pat, Rasmus, Gregor, Jun, and HC at BMC7,Poland, Oct.,2003

With Ohama-sensei at BMC7, Poland, Oct., 2003

With Gregor Fischer, Fukuyama-san and Sugawa-san at the HPFRCC-4 Workshop, Ann Arbor, MI, June, 2003

With Henrik Stang and family at the HPFRCC-4 Workshop, Ann Arbor, MI, June, 2003

With former ACE-MRL students T. Matsumoto, T. Kanda, D. Mishra, G. Fischer, and Y. Lim (LtoR), DFRCC-2002, Takayama, Japan, Oct., 2002

With Joost Walraven, FIB 2002, Osaka, Japan, Oct., 2002

With Prof. Oh, FIB 2002, Osaka, Japan, Oct., 2002

With Horii-sensei, DFRCC-2002, Takayama, Japan, Oct., 2002

With Maekawa-sensei & Petr Kabele, NSF Durability Workshop, Prague, June,2002

Lecturing at Tsinghua University, China, May, 2002

With Prof. Zhang Jun and colleagues at the Building Materials Institute, Tsinghua, May, 2002

With Prof. Huang and wife, and Prof. Zhang Jun at Tsinghua, May, 2002

With Dr. Ken Chong and Pat Chan at ACI Conference, Detroit, April, 2002

With Rene deBorst, Cachan, 2001

With Hoshiro-san, Tokyo, Japan, Oct., 2001

With Yun and Mr. Park, Wonha, Seoul, Korea, Oct., 2001

With Mihashi-sensei, Rokugo-sensei, Takashi and Tetsu, after JCI lecture at Univ. of Tokyo, 2001

With Hayashi-san and Kuraray ECC supporters, in Osaka, 2001

With Albert Yee, Ralph Yang, Charles Cain and families, 2001

With Henrik Stang, Petr Kabele, and students, Summer School, DTU, 2001

With Dr. Hikasa and friends from Kuraray, Osaka, 2001

With Mr. D. H. Park, Ann Arbor, MI, 2001

With Andrzej Brandt and Ian Marshall, at BMC 6, Warsaw, 2000

With Suru Shah, Andrzej Brandt and friends at BMC 6, Warsaw, 2000

With Tony Naaman, UM Structural Lab, 2000

HPFRC, Shenzhen, China, 2000

With Folker Wittmann and Hans Reinhardt, HPFRC, Shenzhen, China, 2000

With Prof. Sun Wei, HPFRC, Shenzhen, China, 2000

Former Students of Jim Rice, 60th Anniversary Celebration, Brown, Providence, RI, 2000

With Jim Rice, Brown, 2000

With Jim Wight, in front of ECC Joint, UM Structural Lab, 1999

With Structures and Materials Faculty, UM, Ann Arbor, 1999

With Dr. Fukuyama, Subhash Goel and friend, Ann Arbor, MI, 1999

With Mihashi-Sensei and Mrs. Mihashi, FraMCoS-3, Gifu, Japan, 1998

With Rama and friends, Ann Arbor, MI, 1998

At Tongji University, Shanghai, China, 1998

FraMCos-3, Gifu, Japan, 1998

FraMCos-3, Gifu, Japan, 1998

With Henrik Stang, Andrzej Brandt, and Ian Marshall, BMC-5, Warsaw, Poland, 1997

With Henrik Stang, Chris Leung and Roger Baggott, HPFRCC-2, 1995

ICERF NSF Delegation, Imperial College, UK, 1993

With Chris Busck, Brisbane, Australia, 1993

FraMCoS-1, Breckenridge, Cololado, USA, 1992

With Rob Blancett, Ben Wylie and Brett Link, UMCEE, Ann Arbor, MI, 1992

With Horii-Sensei and Zdenek Bazant, some conference, Noordijk, Holland, 1991

With Paul Zia, and Andrzej Brandt, HPFRC, Mainz, Germany, 1991

With Dr. Hikasa and Henrik Stang, DTU, Denmark, 1990

With Stan Backer and friend, MIT, 1989

Sendai, Japan, 1988


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