Fuel Cell Control Systems Laboratory

Anna Stefanopoulou and Huei Peng

The Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC)
Ford Motor Company, United Technologies
Funding: National Science Foundation (NSF), Automotive Research Center (U.S. ARMY-TACOM)

The experimental set-up allows the implementation of multivariable controllers, fault detection, and diagnostic algorithms for the regulation of reactant flow and pressure, stack temperature, and membrane humidity. It is anticipated that the development and testing of real-time control and diagnostic systems will accelerate the use of Fuel Cells by enhancing their safety, increasing their efficiency, and ensuring their robustness in real world applications.(collaboration with SERC)

Please visit the fuel cell laboratory website for downloadable fuel cell models and data including in-situ neutron imaging.

For publications go to Publications

Group Picture in the lab
Picture from the 1082 Auto Lab August 2002
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