Powertrain Control Laboratory

Anna Stefanopoulou

Funding: NSF, DOE, Ford, PATH, GM

Our research addresses the theory and design of control systems in internal combustion engines and advanced powertrains. We focus on the transient system behavior for engines equipped with innovative mechanisms: electronic primary throttle, intake runner valves, air by-pass valve, variable camshaft timing actuators, variable valve timing actuators, exhaust gas recirculation valves, variable nozzles turbine, hybrid turbochargers. The common theoretical thread in all these systems is the need for coordination of multiple actuators in order to achieve many and sometimes conflicting objectives in real-time. Projects on camless and HCCI engines are underway.

Picture from the PC Lab May 2002

US Mail Address:
Mechanical Engineering
Univ of Michigan CoE / 1082 WE Lay Auto Lab
1231 Beal Ave
Ann Arbor MI  48109-2121
Ph: (734) 764-4272
Fax: (734) 764-4256

Campus Address:

MEAM / G058 Auto Lab / 2121

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More on PCL current projects in Research page

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