Executive Board

Alexandra Dewey


• Junior in MSE involved in additive manufacturing research.
• I enjoy knitting, growing plants, and 3D modeling in Blender.
• Favorite Material: 316 Steel

Madinabonu Nosirova


• Junior in MSE and Chemistry (through LSA)
• On a research team developing more representative parametric human models for automotive crashes.
• Favorite Material: Satin

Kalyn Fuelling


• Senior in MSE with Program in Sustainable Engineering (PISE) minor.
• Researching CO2 Reduction Reaction for carbon neutral energy generation with the Dasgupta Laboratory.
• I enjoy trying new recipes and going for walks in the arb!

Denise Schlautman

Tutoring Coordinator

• Senior in MSE conducting research in the Shtein Lab.
• I enjoy hiking and watching tv.
• Favorite material: Polyethylene Glycol

Faculty Advisor

Professor Yiyang Li

• PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, 2016
•My research interests are to develop new electrochemical materials for energy storage, brain-inspired computing, and information processing