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Southeast Michigan Birding

Kirtland's Warbler (c) Cory Gildersleeve

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Michigan Area Birds/Birding Links

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Directions    Here are directions to interesting birding locations in Michigan (mostly southeast), northern Ohio, northeast Indiana, and southern Ontario. If you need a Michigan county map or other Michigan maps, try here.
Birders@umich Photos

Members of the email list have a place they can put shared photos. These are photos of birds that present identification problems, birds that are rare in Michigan, or birds that are interesting for some other reason. Any member of birders is allowed to upload appropriate bird pictures to this photo sharing site (it's easy!). Write me to get the username and password you will need. (You do not need the username or password to view photos.) Go to these links for information: general information / upload information

Listserv email lists

To subscribe to the University of Michigan birders email list,, send an email to and include the command subscribe birders Your Name in the subject line. (Read the FAQ first.) Or check recent postings to the list at the Surfbirds web site. If you're interested only in news of "special" birds seen in southeast Michigan, subscribe instead to by sending an email to the same Lyris address but with the subject line subscribe SE-MI-birdlist Your Name. (See the FAQ.)

Email Archives / RBAs
Kirtland's Warbler
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Mich-Listers archive: Birdingonthenet
Michigan Statewide RBA    Jon Wuepper

Spring Migration Statistics

Analyses of 14 years' worth of spring migration data illustrate the April-May waveforms for species counts (all species) and, separately, warbler counts, and also first arrival and last departure dates for warbler species.

    Waveform in Spring Migration Statistics   (Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, northwest Ohio)

    Waveform in Spring Migration Warbler Statistics   (Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, northwest Ohio)

    Spring Migration Dates for Eastern Wood-Warblers   (northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan)
Books about Birds and Birding in Southeast Michigan

Two excellent books about birds and birding in southeast Michigan are The Birds of Washtenaw County, Michigan (1992) by Michael A. Kielb, John M. Swales, and Richard A. Wolinski, and The Birds of Dearborn: An Annotated Checklist (2007) by Julie A. Craves.

A Birder's Guide to Michigan

Allen T. Chartier and Jerry Ziarno have published, through the American Birding Association, the long-anticipated ABA birdfinding guide for Michigan, A Birder's Guide to Michigan (2004). This book describes over 200 of the best birding sites in the state and gives you driving directions, bird lists, and much more. (See this page for updates and corrections to this 2004 reference.)

Southeast Michigan Checklists

    RRBO Dearborn Bird Checklist
    Crosswinds Marsh Bird Species Checklist
    Bird Checklist for Nichols Arboretum - Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Bird Checklist for Pte. Mouillee State Game Area
    Bird Checklist for Belle Isle Park
    Bird Checklist for Tawas Point State Park
Southeast Michigan Audubon Societies and bird clubs

Detroit Audubon Society
Erie Shores Birding Association
Jackson Audubon Society
Macomb Audubon Society
Oakland Audubon Society
Washtenaw Audubon Society

Birding in Northern Michigan

Since November 2004 there's been a web site and listserver email list dedicated to birding in the U.P. Check out Melinda Stamp's

Also see directions to Michigan birding sites here.

Michigan Wildlife Rehabilitators

When you find an injured animal, it is important to know whom to contact for information on what to do and where to bring the animal. Here is a list of wildlife rehabbers in Michigan.

Donating dead birds

If you have found a dead bird that is in good condition, a museum would like to have it. To donate dead birds in southeast Michigan (Ann Arbor), see information here.

Bird Identification Sites

Here is a site with bird identification quizzes: Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

Al Brushaber

  Alan L. Brushaber (shown left) originated the Southeast Michigan Birding web site.
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