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Kirtland's Warbler (c) Cory Gildersleeve
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  BIRDING (GENERAL) - personal web sites
Bowman's Bird Stuff    Bruce Bowman
Into the Woods and Elsewhere    Cathy Carroll
Michigan HummerNet    Allen Chartier
Michigan Purple Martins    Mark Dietrich
kingbird.org    John Lowry
birding    Karen Markey
Karl Overman: Birds and More    Karl Overman
UPBirders.org    Melinda Stamp
Michigan Bluebird Society    Maynard Sumner

  PHOTO GALLERIES - personal web sites
Tim's Birdpics    Tim Baerwald
Rick Baetsen Wildlife & Nature Photography    Rick Baetsen
Birds Photo Gallery    Reg Baker
Birders@umich Photo sharing site    Bruce Bowman
info - Birders@umich Photo sharing site    Bruce Bowman
John Cassady's Gallery     John Cassady
Photos: Bird Families of the World    Allen Chartier
Bird Photography    Bill Fissell
Nature & Wildlife Photography    Mark Graf
Michigan Birds    Jim Gregerson
Glances at Nature    Josh & Dave Haas
Jerry's Photo Galleries    Jerry Jourdan
Andreas Kanon phototography    Andreas Kanon
kingbird.org photos    John Lowry
Birds by ManlyMan    Scott Manly
Birds by JMcHale    Jerry McHale
WoodSong Nature Photography    Cindy Mead
Photo Galleries    Rich Miller
Charles Owens Photography    Charles Owens
David Pavlik's Photography    David Pavlik
Grosse Pointe Bird Photos    Rob Poniatowski & Eli Thomas
Pat's Bird Albums    Pat Reilly
Robert Royse's Bird Photography    Robert Royse
Life Photo Gallery    Eddie Sanchez
Wild Tangent Photography    Jeff Schultz
The UPBirders Birdnet's Photo Album    Melinda Stamp
Bird Photography by Steven Winiarski    Steve Winiarski
NatureScapes Image Portfolio of Brian Zwiebel    Brian Zwiebel

  MICHIGAN BIRDING - personal web sites
Southeast Michigan Birding    Bruce Bowman
Birding Sites in Southeast Michigan and Vicinity    Bruce Bowman
Michigan County Maps    Bruce Bowman
Birding in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan    Vince Cavalieri
Southeast Michigan Butterfly Association    Brenda Dziedzic
Birding Michigan and elsewhere    Erik Enbody
Jerry's Birding/Digiscoping Blog - focus on Michigan    Jerry Jourdan
Greater Washtenaw County Butterfly Survey    Roger Kuhlman
Michigan Birding Network forums    Sandy Lee
The Birds of Livingston County    Livingston County birders
Michigan Birding Hotspots    Tina MacDonald
Birds and More    Karl Overman
Peepsgroup Great Lakes Birding    The Peeps aka The Dweebs
Birding in Lenawee County, Michigan - Kwakwath Lenawee    Gregg Perez
Grosse Pointe Birds    Rob Poniatowski & Eli Thomas
Avian Tendencies    Caleb Putnam
Bell Tower Birding    Jochen Roeder
Birds in My Bins and Lens    Jeff Schultz
UPBirders.org    Melinda Stamp
Wings Over Michigan    Heather Slayton
Saginaw Bay Birding    Joe Soehnel
Michigan Birding    Mary Wise

* Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics Recorded Sounds - Bird Songs
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Macaulay Library - Animal Sound and Video Catalog
Whatbird.com - Birds of North America  [taxonomic order]
North American Bird Sounds
Xeno-Canto - Bird Sounds from Around the World
Learn Bird Songs!
Bird Songs - Songs and calls of some New York State birds
Bird Songs - Wisconsin BBA, Species Audios
Bird Sounds - Jungle Walk
North American Red Crossbills - flight call types
   Red Crossbills - flight call type 1
   Red Crossbills - flight call type 2
   Red Crossbills - flight call type 3
   Red Crossbills - flight call type 4
   Red Crossbills - flight call type 10
Hear Birds - Bird Song and Sounds  [info - no songs]
SongFinder - A Digital Bird Song Hearing Device  [info - no songs]
The Singing Life of Birds - Donald Kroodsma  [info - no songs]
Bird Song Mneumonics  [info - no songs]
Eastern Wood-Warbler Song Mneumonics  [info - no songs]
Mneumonic Bird Songs  [info - no songs]

Recording bird songs  [info - no songs]

* Requires RealPlayer. To play song w/o electronic registration left-click on Download, Cancel, Exit.

All About Optics  [binoculars, spotting scopes, digiscoping]
Binoculars 101  [binoculars - terms, design, choosing]
Birding Binoculars  [binoculars - how to choose]
The Ideal Birding Binocular  [from Better View Desired]
Optics Buying Guide  [all about optics]
Better View Desired  [optics articles and reviews: Stephen Ingraham, Tom Lester, Wayne Mones]
Birding Optics  [optics articles and reviews: Michael and Diane Porter ]
The Binocular Site  [reviews, best buys, guide to manufacturers, comprehensive overview]

Living Bird Scope Quest 2008  [spotting scope reviews]
Spotting Scope Reviews by Bob Jenkins  [spotting scope reviews]

Eagle Optics - Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Tripods
birdwatching.com - Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Tripods
The Optic Zone - Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Tripods
Christophers, Ltd. - Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Tripods
SWFA Optics - Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Tripods

Binoculars for Butterflying

Birders@umich optics for sale    Bruce Bowman (admin)

Eagle Optics Digiscoping Page
Jerry's Digiscoping Page
Mike's Birding and Digiscoping Blog
Andy Bright's Digiscoping Forum
Schmoker's Digiscoping Tips & Tricks
The Bird Guide: Digiscoping
Digiscope Diary
Digiscoping on the Cheap
Digiscoping Birds - BirdForum  [part of the BirdForum Group]
Digiscoping Birds - Yahoo  [Yahoo Group]
Digiscoping with Zeiss equipment

  ORGANIZATIONS (mostly Michigan)
American Birding Association (ABA)
American Ornithologists' Union (AOU)
Ann Arbor City Parks
Benzie Audubon Club (Frankfort)
Berrien Birding Club (Berrien County)    Kip Miller
Berrien County Parks
Bird Banding Lab - report marked bird w/o metal federal band    1-800-327-BAND
Bird Banding Lab - report marked bird with a metal federal band    1-800-327-BAND
Bird banding - racing pigeons
Bird Records Committees #1
Bird Records Committees #2
Blue Water Audubon Society (Port Huron)    Jack Sanders
Capital Area Audubon Society (Lansing)    Erik Enbody
Department of Natural Resources - Indiana
Department of Natural Resources - Michigan
Department of Natural Resources - Ohio
Detroit Audubon Society (Royal Oak)    DAS
ENVIRO-MICH Listserv - FAQ (Great Lakes Information Network)
ENVIRO-SEMICH Listserv - FAQ    Larry Nooden, John Lowry
Erie Shores Birding Association (Monroe)
Genesee Audubon Society (Flint)
Grand Rapids Audubon Club (Grand Rapids)    Fred Van Oeveren
Grand Traverse Audubon (Traverse City)
Grosse Pointe Audubon (Grosse Pointe Woods)    Bill Rapai
Haehnle Audubon Sanctuary History    Stewart Robinovitz
Huron-Clinton Metroparks
Jackson Audubon Society (Jackson)    Stewart Robinovitz
Kalamazoo Audubon Society (Kalamazoo)
Kirtland's Warbler Festival    Kirtland Community College
Kirtland's Warbler Tours    U.S. Forest Service
Kirtland's Warbler / Huron-Manistee National Forest
Love Creek County Parks (southwest Michigan)    Kip Miller
Macomb Audubon Society (Sterling Heights)
Michigan Audubon Society    MAS
Michigan Audubon Society Chapters
Michigan Audubon Society Christmas Bird Counts
Michigan Bird Conservation Initiative
Michigan Bird Records Committee (MBRC)    Phil Chu
Michigan Birds and Natural History (MAS)
Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II
Michigan Fall Color Tours    Bruce Bowman
Michigan Land Conservancies and Nature Centers (links)    LTC
Michigan Loon Preservation Association
Michigan Natural Features Inventory (Michigan State University Extension)
Michigan State-owned lands - maps
Michigan State Game Areas and Wildlife Areas
Michigan State Parks
Michigan State Police Roads and Weather Conditions
Michigan Wildlife & Habitat
Michigan Wildlife Rehabilitators #1
Michigan Wildlife Rehabilitators #2
Michigan Wildlife Rehabilitators #3 - Wings, Paws, & Prayers
Michigan Bird Rehabilitator (Washtenaw County)    734-994-6287
MSU Extension - Birds of Lake Huron and the Coastal Zone
Muskegon County Nature Club (Muskegon)    Ric Pedler
National Audubon Society
National Audubon Society chapters in Michigan
Natural Area Preservation - City of Ann Arbor    Dave Borneman
Nature Conservancy - Michigan Chapter
Oakland Audubon Society (Birmingham)
Ohio Transportation Information System
Osprey Watch of SE Michigan    James Kortge
Owashtanong Islands Audubon Society (Grand Haven)
Rouge River Bird Observatory (RRBO)    Julie Craves
RRBO Net Results - Goings-on of the Rouge River Bird Observatory, UM-Dearborn     Julie Craves
Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge
Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group (Ann Arbor)    Doug Cowherd
Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter (Michigan)
Sierra Club - FAQ for ENVIRO-MICH Listserv
Southeast Michigan Butterfly Association    Brenda Dziedzic
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy (SMLC)    Jack Smiley
Tawas Point Birding Festival
University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (UMMZ) Bird Division    Janet Hinshaw
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 3
Washtenaw Audubon Society (Ann Arbor)    president
Washtenaw County Parks
Washtenaw Land Trust Protected Land & Nature Preserves
Whitefish Point Bird Observatory    WPBO-1    WPBO-2

Official Checklist of Michigan Birds    Michigan Audubon
Michigan Checklist (michiganbirds.org)
RRBO Dearborn Bird Checklist    Julie Craves
Crosswinds Marsh Bird Species Checklist    Daryl Aspery
Bird Checklist for Nichols Arboretum - Ann Arbor    Bruce Bowman
Bird Checklist for Pte. Mouillee State Game Area    Bruce Bowman
Bird Checklist for Belle Isle Park    Bruce Bowman
Bird Checklist for Tawas Point State Park    Bruce Bowman
Spring Migration Statistics    Bruce Bowman
State & County Birding totals for Michigan listers    Daryl Aspery    Scott Jennex
AOU Check-list
AOU Committee on Classification and Nomenclature - Pending Proposals
North American Checklists (states)
ABA Checklist
ABA Bird Listing Rules
ABA Code of Birding Ethics
ABA Checklist and Updates    Bruce Bowman
Printable Bird Checklists
Six-letter Species Code System    Bruce Bowman
Six-letter Species Code System for the AOU Checklist    Maria Bajema
Aves Taxonomy
eBird online listing
EZBird - for use with eBird    David Bell
EZBird - entering eBird sightings data by email    David Bell
Bird Stack online listing
Birds of the World - IOC Recommended English Names
Clamorous Wings - Confessions of an obsessive bird lister    Keith Taylor

birders@umich.edu archive: Birding Lists Digest
birders@umich.edu archive: Birdingonthe.Net
birders@umich.edu archive: Surfbirds
birders@umich.edu archive: Lyris listserver
se-mi-birdlist@umich.edu archive: Lyris listserver
birdnet@UPbirders.org archive
Mid-Michbirds archive
Mich-Listers archive: Birdingonthe.Net
Michigan Statewide RBA    Jon Wuepper
Michigan Birding Network forums    Sandy Lee

Ohio-birds archive: Birdingonthe.Net
Ohio-birds archive: MUOHIO
Toledo Area RBA (NW Ohio) archive: RareBird.org


Ontbirds archive: HWCN
Ontbirds archive: Birdingonthe.net


Archives of NBHC ID-FRONTIERS Frontiers of Field Identification

FAQ for bbclist@andrews.edu (Berrien County)    David Steen
FAQ for birders@umich.edu    Bruce Bowman
FAQ for se-mi-birdlist@umich.edu    Mary Wise
FAQ for birdnet@UPbirders.org    Melinda Stamp
FAQ for Mid-Michbirds    Erik Enbody
FAQ for Mich-Listers    Karl Overman
FAQ for Mich-Chat    Karl Overman
FAQ for Michigan Birding Network    Sandy Lee
FAQ for Ohio-birds    Ned Keller
FAQ for Toledo Area RBA    Chuck Anderson
FAQ for IN-BIRD-L    Phil Kelly
FAQ for Ontbirds    Mark Cranford


ABA's list of North American birding listserv lists

Ohio Ornithological Society
Ohio birding sites
Ohio birding links    Bill Whan
Ohio eBird Hot Spots
Ohio Birding    Victor W. Fazio III (personal web site)
Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Ohio    Robert Harlan, et al.    image of cover    example pages/jpg    example pages/pdf

Fox Island County Park    Jim Haw
Gibson Lake / Duke Energy (Cinergy/PSI)    Gary Bowman
Indiana Audubon Society
Indiana Online Birding Guide

Holiday Beach Migration Observatory
National Parks of Canada - Ontario
Ontario birding links
Pt. Pelee National Park and area

  BIRD ART - personal web sites
Birds As Art (photos - not Michigan area)    Arthur Morris

ABA Sales    sales
Bea & Bruce's B & B (Wheatley)    Bea & Bruce Patterson
Birding and Nature - Oaxaca, Mexico    Michael Malone & Joan Walker
Book - birdfinding guide for Michigan    [Also: updates and corrections]    Allen Chartier   Jerry Ziarno
Book about birding - The Ardent Birder    Todd Newberry
Books about birding in southeast Michigan
Book - The Birds of Dearborn, An Annotated Checklist    Julie Craves
Book - tips from North America's top birders    Julie Craves
Books and more:  Enslaved By Ducks / Fowl Weather    Bob Tarte
Ed Post Photography    Ed Post
Ellis Inn - Bed & Breakfast (Blissfield)    Christine Webster
Ern & Anita's B & B (Leamington)
Hillman Overlook Pelee Cottage (Leamington)    Carol Furtado
Mark Graf's Nature & Wildlife Photography - prints and notecards    Mark Graf
Marshmellow Cottage B & B (Leamington)    Mike and Debra Savino
NatureScapes Image Portfolio of Brian Zwiebel    Brian Zwiebel
Pelee Wings Nature Store (birding optics - Leamington)    Michael Malone & Joan Walker
Rainforest and Reef - Birding Tours and Field Courses in Rainforest & Marine Ecology    Mike Nolan
Rouge River Bird Observatory On-line Store
Susan Falcone's bird art -- 2009 Fall/Holidays schedule    schedule    Susan Falcone
Thomas Parkside Cottages (Oscoda, Michigan)    Bruce Thomas
Trinidad Birding Tours    Bill Murphy
Images on Shirts    Steve Winiarski

ABA Birders' Resources
ABA's list of North American birding listserv lists
About - Birding/Wild Birds
Bird Watching for Kids
Birding on the Web
The Birds of North America Online (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
Birdzilla - including the Bent Life Histories
A Complete Guide to Bird Watching         Mrs. Ward's class, thank you!    
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
SORA - Searchable Ornithological Research Archive

Birds-Away Attack Spider - woodpecker deterrent
Bird Screen - Saving birds one screen at a time
WindowAlert UV reflective static decals - Protect wild birds & windows
a simple method to prevent window strikes (David Sibley)
Project Safe Passage - how to prevent bird-window collisions
CatBib stops cats from catching wild birds
raccoon and squirrel (and bear?) baffle for birdfeeder poles
suet cake preferences: a study

Caculo Bird Song Ringtones

Irania bird counting game

Cornell Lab of Ornithology "All About Birds" - How to ID Birds
eNature Fieldguides - Bird Identification
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center - Bird Identification InfoCenter
bird identification by song

Clamorous Wings - Confessions of an obsessive bird lister    Keith Taylor

BirdingPal - travelling? - find a local birding companion wherever you are    Knud Rasmussen

Fatbirder - Michigan: lotsa links!

Sibley Guides Notebook - David Sibley

donating dead birds (southeast Michigan) - Janet Hinshaw, UMMZ

birding by bike (mountain bike)

Do you REALLY need a passport for Canada??

NOAA's National Weather Service
Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC) Home Page
The Weather Underground
RAP Real-Time Weather - surface maps, satellite and radar data
SailFlow wind observations and forecasts for the Great Lakes region
Weather Bonk - Live Weather, Forecasts, WebCams, and more (Ann Arbor, MI)
Intellicast.com - Local and National Weather Forecast, Radar, Maps and Severe Report
Finding past weather...Fast (NOAA)
NEXRAD radar loops (NOAA) (beginning April 1995)
Surface wind data from the National Digital Forecast Database

Ivory-billed Woodpecker - summary of searches, 2002-2006
an accounting of David Kulivan's 1999 report (Pearl River, Louisiana)
the Zeiss-sponsored search: the Pearl River area of Louisiana (2002)       • Zeiss documents (search for "ivory")
the search in Arkansas (2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07) (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
the search in Arkansas (2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07) (The Nature Conservancy)
the search in Arkansas (2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07) (Big Woods Conservation Partnership)
the search in the Florida Panhandle (2005/06, 2006/07) (Auburn University)
the search along the Choctawhatchee River (Florida Panhandle; 2005/06, 2006/07) (University of Windsor)
"FishCrow" Pearl River video and reports (Michael Collins; 2006)
the 1935 sound recordings (two links)
the 2004 video (Arkansas)
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - search and recovery information
other links and resources


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