We study microbes and their viruses across organizational scales (individuals, populations, communities) and the impact of their interactions on microbial ecosystem functions and environmental health. This work is rooted in the analysis of large-scale viral and microbial omics datasets, model phage-host system development, and laboratory and field-based study.

Our current research addresses three major themes:


viruses and the biological carbon pump, virocell ecology, phage-host model systems, virus-host prediction

Freshwater Viral Ecology

Great Lakes viruses; viruses of harmful algal blooms, freshwater reservoirs of antibiotic resistance


the role of microbes in the fate of plastic pollution in freshwater and oceans

Lab News

October 2020: The Duhaime Lab is recruiting a postdoc to study the role of microbes in the fate of environmental plastic pollution
Read more HERE.

September 2020: Three undergrads join us! Max Murray, Agniva Bhaumik and Isabelle Montilla
Together, this is Team Plastic Eaters :-) studying the impacts of microbial growth on the fate of plastic in the environment.

August 2020: Lab alumns, Rachel Cable and Eric Bastien, join the lab as grad students
...collectively they have spent more time in the lab group than Melissa

February 2020: Undergraduate Fangze Wu joins the lab
Fang is interested in computational biology and will work on optimizing viral omics analysis workflows

October 2019: Lizy Michaelson joins the lab as a research technician
She brings experience in earth and environmental science and activism!

January 2019: Joyah Watkins joins the lab as grad students
Joyah will study the role of viruses in the microbialization of coral reefs.

November 2018: Undergraduate Rebecca Chandross joins the lab
Rebecca is double-majoring in EEB and PitE and interested in the health of our local watershed.

Melissa Duhaime

June 2018: Emily Chiang presents her DDCSP project.
So proud of all you've learned and accomplished this summer as a Doris Duke Conservation scholar, Emily! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Melissa Duhaime

August 2017: Morgan and Melissa head to the BioStation to teach Microbes in the Wild
Environmental microbiology and water sustainability in Northern Michigan.

May 2017: Morgan Lindback and AJ Wing join the lab as grad students
And the fun begins.

March 2017: Rachel and Melissa return from the Southern Ocean
Read more about the 2017 Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition (ACE) and the Duhaime Lab's involvement.

Melissa Duhaime

January 2017: EEB News article welcoming Melissa to the EEB faculty Featuring one (of two) of her 4 year old field assistants.

Melissa Duhaime

12/2016: Rachel begins a 3-month circumnavigation of Antarctica studying Southern Ocean viruses. Follow @ACE_Expedition


Melissa Duhaime    duhaimem@umich.edu
Biological Sciences Building (BSB)
1150 N. University Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Lab: 4080 BSB
Office: 4068 BSB   |   (734) 764-6219

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