Fairs, Festivals, and Freaks

   Hello, my name is Hulga and I am a bearded lady.  You will join me for journey through the fanciful world of fairs and festivals in which any splendor can be enjoyed.  You will not only learn the history of these noble fairs, but of wild freaks of nature.  We'll visit the theatrical booth, the sideshows of freaks, and the menageries.  I'll tell you of the danger that one can encounter at any fair or festival and I'll tell you the history of these fairs.  For what was yester-year a fair, is today the grand circus, and who doesn't love the circus?  So grab some popcorn or buttered oats, sit back, and enjoy the show.

   First, let's visit the theatrical booth where the actors are performing a short discourse on the plight of harvest.  Most of the time they re-enact historical events using horses and such to demonstrate the great battles and the wars of years gone by.  This scene is called "William James' Horse Plows the Wrong Field" and it is quite the melodrama.  Shows such as this are great because the actors are professional and know of the great William Shakespeare.  Perhaps, they will do a scene from one of his tales.  They do not perform his work often because it seems the crowd does not always understand his words or the stories, but I guess that is do to our lack of culture and illiteracy.  But what do I know, I have a beard. 1

Click here to visit a side-show and  some animal amusements.

Click here to learn more about the history of fairs and the end of festival culture.

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David Garrick says: "Before I became Shakespeare's greatest actor, I used to perform at fairs across the English countryside."

My name is Hulga let me show you the merriment of an 18th century festival.  Enjoy!