Research Interests

Super-massive black holes
Massive black holes in dwarf galaxies
Occupation fraction and seed models
High-redshift radio galaxies

Stellar mass black holes
Jet-accretion coupling in X-ray binaries
Spin and jet production
Low-luminosity accretion flows

Star-planet interactions
Irradiation-driven atmospheric escape

Research Group


Dr Jianfeng Wu (Associate Professor at Xiamen University)
Dr Richard M. Plotkin (Associate Professor at UN Reno)
Dr Amy Reines (Associate Professor at Montana State University)
Dr Brendan P. Miller (Associate Professor at the College of Saint Scholastica)

Graduate students
Qiana Hunt (2018-)
Kate Napier (as pre-candidate, 2018-2020)
Adi Foord (as pre-candidate, 2015-2016; PhD 2020; Porat Fellow at Stanford; Assistant Prof. at Maryland State)
Vivienne Baldassare (PhD 2017; Assistant Professor at Washington State)

Main collaborators

Rob Fender (Oxford), Gabriele Ghisellini (INAF), Jenny Greene (Princeton), Francesco Haardt (Insubria/INFN), Edmund Hodges-Kluck (NASA Goddard), Jeroen Homan (Eureka Scientific), Peter Jonker (SRON/Radboud Univ.), Sera Markoff (Univ of Amsterdam), James Miller-Jones (ICRAR/Curtin), Dave Russell (NYU Abu Dhabi), Tommaso Treu (UCLA), Jong-Hak Woo (Seoul Univ.)

Professor of Astronomy
University of Michigan