Selected papers (browse ADS for a full list)

The black hole occupation fraction of local dwarf galaxies with AXIS (

Self-Consistent Modeling of Metastable Helium Exoplanet Transits (

The X-ray Binary-Star Cluster Connection in Late-Type Galaxies (

Multiwavelength scrutiny of X-ray sources in dwarf galaxies: ULXs versus AGNs (

Irradiation-driven escape of primordial planetary atmospheres I. The ATES photoionization hydrodynamics code (

Proof of CMB-driven X-ray brightening of high-z radio galaxies (

Calibrating X-Ray Binary Luminosity Functions via Optical Reconnaissance. I. The Case of M83 (

Ultraviolet and X-ray Properties of Coma's Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies (

A Coupled Analysis of Atmospheric Mass Loss and Tidal Evolution in XUV Irradiated Exoplanets: the TRAPPIST-1 Case Study (

A 10,000-solar-mass black hole in the nucleus of a bulgeless dwarf galaxy (

Towards a high accuracy measurement of the local black hole occupation fraction in low mass galaxies (

Hard state neutron star and black hole X-ray binaries in the radio:X-ray luminosity plane (

CMB-induced radio quenching of high-redshift jetted AGNs with highly magnetic hotspots (arXiv:1702.04725)

AGN Activity in Nucleated Galaxies as Measured by Chandra (arXiv:1704.03882)

A ~50,000 solar mass black hole in the nucleus of RGG 118 (arXiv:1506.07531)

CMB quenching of high-redshift radio-loud AGNs (arXiv:1505.05512)

An X-Ray Selected Sample of Candidate Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies (arXiv:1502.06958)

A Comprehensive Statistical Assessment of Star-Planet Interaction  (arXiv:1411.3348)

X-Ray Constraints on the Local Supermassive Black Hole Occupation Fraction  (arXiv:1403.4246)

The radio/X-ray domain of black hole X-ray binaries at the lowest radio luminosities (arXiv:1408.3130v1)

An Overview of Jets and Outflows in Stellar Mass Black Holes (arXiv:1407.3674)

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