Executive Board


Carl Fuda

Carl is a Junior at the University of Michigan studying industrial and operations engineering. He joined MECC in the Winter of 2011 to learn about the consulting industry and to gain exposure to real world business problems. Carl has worked on a pricing strategy project for a 3D film productions company and a plant operations project for the world's largest reseller/refurbisher of cellular devices. As president, Carl looks forward to taking the MECC brand to the next level through growing the core membership base, acquiring higher value projects with established clients, and developing core members through training and networking. Carl has experience in industry as a mechanical engineer and looks forward to pursuing a full-time job in consulting after graduation in May of 2013.

Vice President, Pro Bono Consulting

Austin Murtland

Austin Murtland is graduating in 2014 with a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. He has been on MECC for two semesters (one semester as a Project Manager), working on primarily growth strategy projects for tech-based companies. He has a strong passion for consulting, that has grown throughout his time in MECC. Outside of MECC, Austin is a member of the University of Michigan Club Hockey Team and Delta Sigma Pi, a Professional Business Fraternity. His interests include traveling, scuba diving, working out, and playing sports.

Vice President, Internal

Samuel Rosen

Sam is a Junior at the University of Michigan who is enrolled in the Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program, in which he will be studying various topics related to business and engineering with an emphasis on international and cultural awareness. After completing a university-sponsored project with the Tauber Institute of Global Operations, Sam will graduate in April 2014 with both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering. Sam joined MECC in January 2011 and served as a project manager during the Fall '11 semester, where he led a team of MECC consultants to analyze the market for a start-up company's new waste management system and develop a complete go-to-market strategy for them. As the Internal Vice President, Sam is responsible for organizing the logistics of all MECC events as well as for encouraging participation in MECC's social activities. Upon graduation, Sam hopes to obtain a position within the consulting industry where he can apply and develop his analytical skills and communication skills while making a large impact in the business world.


Nimish Sarraf

Nimish is currently a junior studying Industrial and Operations Engineering, with a Program in Entrepreneurship subplan. He joined MECC in the winter of 2011 to learn more about business, entrepreneurship, and how the consulting profession works. He has worked with a consulting firm to help develop a go to market strategy for the consultant's new book. He also helped a 3D film startup with strategic advice, business planning, and service pricing. He aspires to eventually start his own business, using his consulting experience as a tool to learn what makes a business successful. As MECC's treasurer, his goal is to make sure the finances are recorded and money is available for any necessary purpose as well as continuously scout for new, exciting, value-adding projects.