Welcome Students!

Curious about the field of consulting? Looking to amp up that resume with some real-world consulting experience? Or maybe you're already dead-set on getting that consulting job and looking for opportunities to network with presigious firms and alumni in the field and sharpen your professional skills. Either way, MECC can help!

Why Consulting?

A job in a great consulting firm exposes you to many industries and allows you to work with people from many backgrounds. If you are considering doing an MBA after your undergraduate degree, a consulting job will definitely get you noticed! Engineers are naturally geared towards consulting as we innately cultivate the logical thinking process required to succeed in this field. Our organization aims to be the College of Engineering's premiere resource for students pursuing careers with competitive management and strategy consulting firms. There are several ways to get involved, all of which are discussed briefly below:

Our Structure

General Membership
  • Participate in resume critiques and workshops
  • Practice your skills at various case workshops & practice sessions
  • Get to know others interested in consulting and interact with the consulting community at CoE
  • Stay up to date on company info sessions & presentations
  • Gain access to Michigan/MECC alumni in the field
  • Become actively involved through intensive professional development
  • Participate in pro-bono consulting projects with local businesses and student organizations
  • Pursue a leadership role as a future MECC board member
  • Attend exclusive information & networking sessions with top companies
  • Sharpen interview skills with various interview prep resources and alumni in the field

Getting Involved

Joining as a General Member
Being a general member is easy, just attend one of our mass meetings or contact us. You'll be notified of upcoming events, activities, and opportunities for general members.

Joining Core
MECC Core is the heart of our organization. Expectations and time commitments are a little bit higher, as are the benefits. However, admission is competitive. We recruit for Core Membership once per semester based on staffing needs for pro-bono projects. The process for joining is shown below.

Typically, this process begins in the first few weeks of the semester at our Mass Meeting, with the online application being released shortly after.

If you have any questions and/or are interested in getting involved, please contact us.