Sound files

This page contains the example sound files for the book. All sound recordings are copyright of the present author, Mark Newman. You are welcome to download these files for use in instruction or learning or for any other purpose. You can also download them all as a single zip file by clicking here.

clicks.mp3Clicks increasing in frequency
compressed64.mp3Music compressed at 64 kbits/s
compressed128.mp3Music compressed at 128 kbits/s
compressed192.mp3Music compressed at 192 kbits/s
cp70.mp3CP-70 electric grand
equalscale.mp3An equal tempered major scale
fifth.mp3A fifth
fivecents.mp3Five musical cents
G4beats.mp3Simultaneous beats and roughness
guitarhrm.mp3Harmonics played on guitar
guitarstrum.mp3Two guitar chords
harmonics.mp3Progressively added harmonics
inharmonic.mp3An inharmonic sound
justscale.mp3A just intonation major scale
majorchord.mp3A major chord
majorscale.mp3A major scale
majorseventh.mp3A major seventh
majorthird.mp3A major third
minorsecond.mp3A major second
minorsixth.mp3A major sixth
narrowband.mp3Narrowband noise
nofund1.mp3A sound with fundamental
nofund2.mp3The same sound without fundamental
octave.mp3A octave
onecent.mp3One musical cent
phase1.mp3Two sine waves
phase2.mp3The same sine waves with different phase
physmod1.mp3Physical modeling, stage 1
physmod2.mp3Physical modeling, stage 2
physmod3.mp3Physical modeling, stage 3
pinknoise.mp3Pink noise
pmchord1.mp3A chord generated by physical modeling
pmchord2.mp3A chord generated by physical modeling
powerchord.mp3Power chord on electric guitar
rhodes.mp3Rhodes electric piano
sawtooth.mp3Sawtooth wave
sinewave.mp3Sine wave
square.mp3Square wave
triangle.mp3Triangle wave
twelfth.mp3A twelfth
twentyfivecents.mp325 musical cents
uncompressed.wavMusical sample, uncompressed
whitenoise.mp3White noise
wurly.mp3Wurlitzer electric piano