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Tim James Lab Dr. Tim James is a mycologist at the University of Michigan specializing in evolutionary genetics of fungi. His lab website provides useful information about his research and also provides protocols for many procedures used in his lab. Tim is my supervisor at the Herbarium.
Macrofungi Collection Consortium The Macrofungi Collection Consortium project aims to digitize all macrofungal scientific collections deposited at herbaria in the United States, and to make the information publicly available online.
MycoPortal The Mycology Collections Portal is an online database of dried scientific collections of fungi from major herbaria and institutions around the United States. This database is being updated live through the work being done by the Macrofungi Collection Consortium.
Tom Volk's Fungi Tom Volk's Fungi is a website dedicated to providing interesting information about many different fungal species. Tom's Fungus of the Month pages are celebrated amoung professional and citizen mycologists alike and have helped launch Tom to 'Myco Superstar' status. Tom was my Masters thesis advisor.
Mushroom Observer The Mushroom Observer website is designed to allow professional and citizen mycologists to post images and information about fungi they find. Users are able to comment and collaborate to determine the identity of the fungi.
Mushroom Expert Mushroom Expert is a website by Michael Kuo that provides species descriptions, photographs, and identification keys for a wide range of fungi. One of the best online resources for identifying mushrooms.
Dr. Fungus The best online source for medical mycology. Provides images and descriptions of medically relevant fungi, mycoses, symptoms of infection, treatments, and other useful information.
Index Fungorum The authority on fungal taxonomy. Searchable by species, epithet, genus, family, etc. Author information provided as well as publication source.

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