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Research: Foltz MJ, Perez KE, Volk TJ. 2013. Molecular phylogeny and morphology reveals three new species of Cantharellus within 20 meters of one another in western Wisconsin, USA. Mycologia. 105(2): 447-461. DOI: 10.3852/12-181

"Three new species, Cantharellus phasmatis, Cantharellus flavus, and Cantharellus spectaculus, all previously considered Cantharellus cibarius, are described in this study. The circumscription of these three new species from C. cibarius and other Cantharellus species is supported by morphological differences and nuclear DNA sequence data (nLSU, ITS, and TEF1). All three new species were found under Quercus spp. in a single small plot in Hixon Forest Park in La Crosse, Wisconsin, emphasizing the need for further taxonomic study of even common and conspicuous genera in North America. In addition, a review of C. cibarius is presented, including a review of the recent elevation of C. cibarius var. roseocanus to the species level. Taxonomic descriptions and photographs are provided for the newly described species."

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Supplementary data captions and images can be downloaded here:
Supplementary Figures

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