EAS 562 Professor Steven L. Yaffee



Background Resources on Candidates

  • Project Vote Smart: A site with a lot of information: biographical data, campaign finances, issue positions, voting records, interest group ratings, legislation status, issues links, and more!
  • Politics1.com State Pages: By state, links to information about State and Congressional Candidates (including their own websites), state parties, and local news sources.
  • ProQuest Congressional: (UMich only, requires library password) State profiles and biographical information. Database of local and regional newspapers is also an excellent resource for local coverage of races.

Campaign Financing

  • opensecrets.org:Where are candidates getting their money? Contribution reports broken down by geographic area, and interest groups; personal financial disclosures, and more. Sponsored by the Center for Responsive Politics.
  • Political Party Time: Tracks political fundraising events, providing information on who's fundraising and where.

Campaign News

  • Roll Call Online: Capitol Hill's newspaper. Includes election analyses and odds on the outcomes.
  • The Polling Report : Curious about what Americans are thinking? Poll results compiled from multiple news organizations. For politics, primarily focused on Presidential race.
  • Public Policy Polling: Polling firm based in North Carolina that provides polling data on political races throughout the country.
  • The Gallup Organization: Gallup Poll results related to Politics & Elections, including trends on Presidential approval, favorability ratings of key political personalities, ratings of Congress, and special interest groups.
  • Five Thirty Eight: This website, named after the number of electors in the electoral college, provides polling info, the return on campaign funds by state, and the electoral history of states.
  • The Cook Political Report: This resource was founded in 1984 as an independent, non-partisan newsletter that analyzes US elections and campaigns as well as political trends.

The Parties