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Thank you in advance for participating in the COMMUNITY SURVEY.  This survey will be used to provide information about the community's awareness, support, and interest in Philippine-related resources in Michigan.

At this time, we are unable to provide a survey form in this website.  Until we are able to provide an interactive survey, we ask that you

1. Highlight the survey below
2.   Copy the text
3.  Paste the text into a word document or the body of an e-mail
4.  Complete the survey
5.  E-mail the completed survey back to

If you have any problems or questions with the survey, contact one of our representatives and we'll be happy to assist you.  (philippinestudygroup1@hotmail.com)

Philippine Studies Program Feasability

Professional Title:
Home Address:

Academic Background (i.e. degrees, institutions, etc.)

-Community Involvement-
1. Are you now a member or an officer of any community organizations?  YES or NO (if yes, please proceed to Question 5)

2. If yes, please list down your organizations and your positions in them.

3. Does your organization participate in any Filipino oriented activities?  YES or NO (If No, please proceed to Question 5)

4. If Yes, please list down these activities:

5. If no, do you participate as an INDIVIDUAL in Filipino oriented activities?  YES or NO (If No, please proceed to Question 7).

6. If Yes, Please list what kinds of activities you participate in.

7. If no, please indicate the nature of involvement you would like to have as a member of the Filipino American community in Michigan (select as many as are applicable)
--be part of an organization (list what type)
--attend artistic performances
--attend lectures and other academic activities
--visit a museum displaying Philippine cultural artifacts
--participate in religious rituals
--contribute time and energy towards a community activity
--contribute financial resources for a community cause
--contribute other resources (specify)
--others (specify)

-Academic Activities-
8. Have you participated (or currently participate) in any courses with Philippine content?  YES or NO   (If No, Proceed to Question 10)

9. In what capacity did you participate (i.e. teaching, attending, advising, etc.)?

10. Are you, or have you been, engaged in research that has some Philippine content or focus?  YES or NO (If No, Proceed to Question 12)

11. Please describe or specify the research:

-Knowledge about Philippine resources in Michigan-
12. Are you familiar with the collections of the University of Michigan libraries on the Philippines?  YES or NO (If no, Proceed to Question 14)

13. If yes, please specify how you came to know about these collections:

--used them before
--heard about them
--saw them on display
--other (please specify)

14. Are you familiar with the Philippine collections of the museums of the University of Michigan?  YES or NO (If No, Proceed to Question 16)

15. If yes, which museums' collection are you familiar with?

--Museum of Natural History
--Museum of Anthropology
--Kelsey Museum
--Other (Please specify)

16. Do you know about the Philippine collection of the Frank Murphy museum in Michigan?  YES or NO (If No, Proceed to Question 18)

17. If Yes, please describe how you learned about the Frank Murphy museum collection.

-Philippine Studies Program-

18. Would you support the establishment of a Philippine Studies Program in any of the universities of Michigan?  YES or NO (If No, Proceed to Question 20)
19. If yes, which university would you want it located and why?
--University of Michigan
--Wayne State University
 --Michigan State University
 --Eastern Michigan University
 --any of the community colleges (please specify)
 --other (please specify

    20.  If no, please give the reasons why you would not support a Philippine Studies Program (Your response to this question is very important, therefore we request you answer with specific details).