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Thank you in advance for participating in the STUDENT SURVEY.  This survey will be used to provide information about the community's awareness, support, and interest in Philippine-related resources in Michigan.

At this time, we are unable to provide a survey form in this website.  Until we are able to provide an interactive survey, we ask that you

1. Highlight the survey below
2.   Copy the text
3.  Paste the text into a word document or the body of an e-mail
4.  Complete the survey
5.  E-mail the completed survey back to

If you have any problems or questions with the survey, contact one of our representatives and we'll be happy to assist you.  (philippinestudygroup1@hotmail.com)

Student Survey
Philippine Studies Program Feasibility

Part I - General Data

Date ______________

Name:       ___Sex: ___Age: __________                

Marital Status: ____________________________________                



Ethnic Background:_______________________________

Place of Birth:____________________________________

How long have you lived in Michigan?____________________________

High school(s) attended____________________________  Year graduated__________

Occupation of Parents:____________________________ ________________________
    Father          Mother

Do you work?  _______ _______   If yes, where?____________________________
      Yes      No

What do you plan to do after college?_________________________________________

Have you ever been involved in Filipino community activities?  ________      ________
        Yes  No
If yes, what activities?______________________________________________________

Have you had other informal contacts with Filipinos?   _________  _________
                Yes        No

Part II

1. If a Philippine Studies Program were re-established at the University of Michigan what topics should be included?  Please check one or more.

a. _______  Philippine History
b. _______   Pre-colonial Philippines
c. _______  Philippine Politics and Government
d. _______  Philippine Literature
e. _______  Philippine Agriculture
f. _______  Philippine Languages (Ilokano, Tagalog, Visayan, etc.)
g. _______  Philippine Arts and Culture
h. _______  Philippine Economics
i. _______  Women/Gender Studies in the Philippines
j. _______  Philippine Diaspora
k. _______  Other (please specify)__________________________________

2. Should the proposed Philippine Studies Program institute:  (Check one or more)
a. ________  an undergraduate major in Philippine Studies leading to a    B.A.?
b. ________  an undergraduate major in Southeast Asian Studies with a         concentration in Philippine Studies leading to a B.A.?
c. ________  a graduate major in Southeast Asian Studies with a         concentration on Philippine Studies leading to an M.A.?
d. ________  graduate interdisciplinary (team-taught) seminars (e.g. land        reform and politics, current developments in the Philippines)?
e. ________  non-degree programs (both credit and non-credit, such as        courses in the College of Continuing Education)?
f. ________  community service programs (e.g. initiating or cooperating        with other groups to sponsor Philippine cultural activities in the        community)?
g. ________  other (please specify):_________________________________
3. There are several ways in which a Philippine Studies Program in the University system can be organized.  Please check one of the following possibilities:

a. ________  as a program within the Center for Southeast Asian Studies
b. ________  as a specific unit within the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
c. ________  as a more autonomous unit in the Ann Arbor campus
d.  ________  as a unit within the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures but with collaborative arrangements with other departments (i.e. crosslisting courses with other departments)

e. ________  as a part of existing programs:  
      ____   History    
                                                      ____   American Culture    
      ____   Other (please specify):____________________
f. _________  Other (please specify):_______________________________

4. Do you think the proposed Philippine Studies Program should establish links with institutions in the Philippines, such as the Philippine Center for Advanced Studies in U.P., the Institute of Philippine Culture in Ateneo, etc;  
_______     ________
           Yes   No
a. _________  Student Exchange
b. _________  Faculty Exchange
c. _________  exchange of research scholars, publications, etc.

5.  Do you think the proposed Philippine Studies should seek financial assistance   from :
a. ___ the State Legislature of Michigan
b. ___ private sources (e.g. local foundations, business groups) _________________________________________
c. ___ other ______________________________________________________
d. ___ other ______________________________________________________

6.  Have you had or are you presently taking any courses related to Filipinos or about the Republic of the Philippines?
_______     ________
    Yes  No
If yes, what are these courses?_________________________________________

7. Which courses did you like the most and why?____________________________

8. Have you been involved in any research on Filipinos or the Philippines?
________     _______
     Yes No
If yes, what research projects?_________________________________________

9.  a.  Are you aware of the unique resources available on the Philippines at the University of Michigan?  Yes____     No____
If so, which collections do you know about?  
___ The David J. Steinberg Philippine Collection
___ Philippine Worcesters Collection at:
___Hatcher Graduate Library (Special and Rare Books section)
___Michigan Bentley Historical Library
___Museum of Anthropology
___Kelsey Museum.
___The Labadie Collection
___other(s). please specify __________________________________________________

b. Have you used any of these collections in your classes or in your research?  
Yes  ____  No ____
If yes, which ones?  _________________________________________________

c. Do you think the establishment of a Philippine Studies Program will increase the amount and improve the quality of usage of these collections?  
Definitely Yes___ Probably No___
Definitely No___ Probably No___
Please explain __________________________________________________

10. If support were available, what research on the Philippines or Filipinos would you like to do?
a. ___________________________________________________________
b. ___________________________________________________________
c. ___________________________________________________________
d. ___________________________________________________________

11. What kinds of opportunities would you like to have in the proposed Philippine Studies Program?
a. _____  Student involvement in research
b. _____  Scholarship
c. _____  Field work in communities
d. _____  Developing projects in special areas concerning Filipinos
e. _____  Work-study grants
f. _____  Student exchange with the Philippines
g. _____  Exchange with other institutions
h. _____  Sponsoring visiting faculty (Philippine experts or scholars) in University of Michigan
i. _____  research in specific areas like immigration