Song Lab

Department of Biostatistics


NIH   1-R01-ES-024732 (Role: PI: Song)

Statistical Methods to Assess Early Life Environmental Exposures on Child Health

NSF   DMS 1811734 (Role: PI: Song)

Incremental Regression Analysis of Streaming Data: Estimating Function Theory and Applications

NIH   2R01 DK093513 (Role: MPI: Kalbfleisch and Song) Renewed

Optimization and Simulation of Kidney Paired Donation Programs

NIH   R24-ES-028502 (Role: MPI: Peterson and Song)

E3Gen: Multigenerational Effects of Toxicant Exposures on Life Course Health and Neurocognitive Outcomes in the ELEMENT Birth Cohorts

NIH   1 R01 HD084526-01 (Role: Co-I, PI: Caldwell)

Parenting and Men’s Health: The Utility of the Fathers and Sons Program


Boston Medical Center/NIH   Memorandum of Agreement (Role: Subcontract PI)

Redefining membranous nephropathy by autoantibody-specific subclassification

NIH   1-R01-MH-101459-01 (Role: Co-I, PI: Sen)

Broad Scale Genomic Analysis to Find Genes Associated with Depression Under Stress

NIH/NIDDK   2-P30-DK-081943-06 (Role: Co-I, PI: Brosius)

University of Michigan O’Brien Kidney Translational Core Center

NIH   1-P01-ES-022844-01 (Role: Co-I, PI: Peterson)

Lifecourse Exposures & Diet: Epigenetics, Maturation & Metabolic Syndrome

EPA   83543601 (Role: Co-I, MPI: Peterson/Padmanabhan)

Lifecourse Exposures & Diet: Epigenetics, Maturation & Metabolic Syndrome

NIH   1R21ES025456-01 (Role: Co-I, PI: Dolinoy)

Environmental exposures in early life: Epigenetics and neurodevelopment

NIH   5-U54-DK-083912-05 (Role: Co-I, PI: Kretzler)

Nephrotic Syndrome Rare Disease Clinical Research Network II

DHHS-NIH   HHSN-2762014-0000-1C (Role: Co-I, PI: Saran)

United States Renal Data System Coordinating Center

National Institute for Health Care Reform   Research Agreement (Role: Co-I, MPI: Lichtenstein/Patel)

A Partnership Approach to Enhance Health Care Literacy

NSF   DMS 1513595 (Role: PI)
08/01/15 – 07/31/18

Regression Analysis of Networked Data: Estimating Function Theory and Applications

NSF   DMS 1208939 (Role: PI)
07/01/12 – 06/30/15

Composite Estimating Function Approaches to GeoCopula Models for Complex Spatially Correlated Data

NSF   DMS 0904177 (Role: PI: Song)
07/01/10 – 07/31/12

Development of Composite Likelihood in High-Dimensional Correlated Data Analysis: Estimation Inference and Model Selection

NIH   1-R01-DK-092475-01-Revised 1/3/12 (Role: Co-I, PI: Ojo)

A Clinical Trial to Prevent New Onset Diabetes After Transplantation

NephCure Foundation   N011839-0 (Role: Co-I, PI: Kretzler)

Nephrotic Syndrome Rare Disease Clinical Research Network

NIH/ORD   1U54DK083912-01 (Role: Co-I, PI: Kretzler)
07/01/09 – 06/30/14

Nephrotic Syndrome Rare Disease Clinical Research Network

NIH   P30 DK081943-01 (Role: Co-I, PI: Wiggins)
09/01/08 – 07/31/13

University of Michigan George O’Brien Renal Core Center

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