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1 Wang, W., Bray, M., Song, P.X.K. and Kalbfleisch, J.D. (2018). An efficient algorithm to enumerate sets with fallbacks in a kidney paired donation program.   Operations Research in Health Care (to appear) 2018 [Link]
2 Zhou, L., Li, H., Lin, H. and Song, P.X.-K. (2018). Evaluating functional covariate-environment interactions in the Cox regression model. Canadian Journal of Statistics (to appear) 2018 [Link]
3 Tang, L, Zhou, L and Song, P.X.-K..  Fusion Learning Algorithm to Combine Partially Heterogeneous Cox Models. Computational Statistics (to appear) 2018 [Link]
4 Baek, J., Zhu, B. and Song, P.X.-K.  Bayesian analysis of infant's growth dynamics with in utero exposure to environmental toxicants. Annals of Applied Statistics (to appear) 2018 [Link]
5 Perng, W., Baek, J., Zhou, C.W., Cantoral, A., Tellez-Rojo, M.M., Song, PX.K. and Peterson, K. E.   Associations of the infancy body mass index peak with anthropometry and cardiometabolic risk in Mexican adolescents. Annals of Human Biology (to appear) 2018 [Link]
6 Li, Y., Wang, S., Song, P.X.K., Wang, N., Zhou, L. and Zhu, J.  Doubly regularized estimation and selection in linear mixed-effects models for high-dimensional longitudinal data. Statistics and Its Interface (to appear) 2018 [Link]
7 Patel, M.R., Song, P.X.K., Jean-Marie Bruzzese, J., Hao, W., Evans, D., Thomas, L.J., Pinkett-Heller, Meyerson, K., NP-C, AE-C and Brown, R.W. Does cross-cultural communication training for physicians improve pediatric asthma outcomes? A randomized trial. Journal of Asthma (to appear) 2018 [Link]
8 Werzowa, J, Saemann, M.D., Mohl, A., Bergmann, M., Kaltenecker, C.C, Brozek, W., Thomas, A., Haidinger, M., Antlanger, M. Kovarik, J.J. Kpecky, C., Song, P.X.K., Budde, K., Pascual, J. and Hecking, M. A randomized controlled trial-based algorithm for insulin-pump therapy in hyperglycemic patients early after kidney transplantation. PLoS ONE 2018 [Link]
9 Jensen, E., Zhou, L. et al. Prenatal lead exposure in relation to age at menarche: results from a longitudinal study in Mexico City. Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (to appear) 2018 [Link]
10 Bray, M., Wang, W., Song, P.X.K. and Kalbfleisch, J. Valuing sets of potential transplants in a kidney paired donation network. Statistics in Biosciences (to appear) 2018 [Link]
11 Bennett, G.H., Carpenter, L., Hao, W., Song, P.X.K., Steinberg, J. and Baptist, A.P. Risk factors and clinical outcomes associated with fixed airflow obstruction in older adults with asthma. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (to appear) 2017 [Link]
12 Perng, W., Hector, E.C., Song, P.X.K., Tellez Rojo, M.M., Raskind, S., Kachman, M., Cantoral, A., Burant, C.F. and Peterson, K.E.  Metabolomic Determinants of Metabolic Risk in Mexican Adolescents. Obesity 2017 [Link]
13 Baptist, A.P., Hao, W., Karamched, K.R., Kaur, B., Carpenter, L. and Song, P.X.K. Distinct asthma phenotypes among older adults with asthma. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice 2017 [Link]
14 Ashby, V., Leichtman, A., Rees, M., Song, P.X.K., Bray, M., Wang, W. and Kalbfleisch, J.  A kidney graft survival calculator that accounts for mismatches in age, sex, HLA and body size. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 2017 [Link]
15 Zhang, S., Zhou, Q.M., Zhu,  D. and Song, P.X.K. Goodness-of-fit test in multivariate jump diffusion models. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 2017 [Link]
16 Kalmbach, D.A., Arnedt, J.T., Song, P.X.K., Guille, C. and Sen, S. Sleep disturbance and short sleep as risk factors for depression and perceived medical errors in first-year residents. Sleep 2017 [Link]
17 Patel, M.R., Song, P.X.K., Sanders, G., Nelson, B.W., Kaltsas, E., Thomas, L.J., Janevic, M.R., Hafeez, K., Wang, W., Wilkin, M., Johnson, T.R. and Brown, R.W. A randomized trial of a culturally-responsive intervention for African American women with asthma Annals of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology 2016 [Link]
18 Moynihan, M., Peterson, K.E., Cantoral, A., Song, P.X.K., Jones, A., Solano-González, M., Meeker, J.D., Basu, N. and Tellez-Rojo, M.M. Dietary predictors of urinary cadmium among pregnant women and children. Science of the Total Environment 2016 [Link]
19 Zhou, Y., Wang, P., Wang, X., Zhu, J. and Song, P.X.K. Sparse multivariate factor analysis regression models and its applications to integrative genomics analysis. Genetic Epidemiology 2016 [Link]
20 Marchlewicz, E.H., Dolinoy, D.C., Tang, L., Milewski, S., Jones, T.R., Goodrich, J.M., Soni, T., Domino, S.E., Song, P.X.K., Burant, C. and Padmanabhan, V. Lipid metabolism is associated with developmental epigenetic programming. Scientific Reports 2016 [Link]
21 Zhou, L., Tang, L., Song, A.T., Cibrik, D. and Song, P.X.K. A LASSO method to identify protein signature predicting post-transplant renal graft survival. Statistics in Biosciences 2016 [Link]
22 Tang, L. and Song, P.X.K. Fused Lasso approach in regression coefficients clustering - Learning parameter heterogeneity in data integration. Journal of Machine Learning Research 2016 [Link]
23 Zhong, P., Lan, W., Song, P.X.K. and Tsai, C. Tests for covariance structures with high-dimensional repeated measurements. Annals of Statistics 2016 [Link]
24 Wang, W., Bray, M., Song, P.X.K. and Kalbfleisch, J.D. A look-ahead strategy for non-directed donors in kidney paired donation. Statistics in Biosciences 2016 [Link]
25 Zhou,Y. and Song, P.X.K. Regression analysis of networked data. Biometrika 2016 [Link]
26 Wang, F., Wang, L. and Song, P.X.K. Fused Lasso with the adaptation of parameter ordering in combining multiple studies with repeated measurements. Biometrics 2016 [Link]
27 Sanchez, B, Wu, M., Song, P.X.K. and Wang, W. Study design in high-dimensional classification analysis. Biostatistics 2016 [Link]
28 Lu, X., Pordeli, P., Burke, M. and Song, P.X.K. Partially linear single-index proportional hazards model with current status data. Journal of Multivariate Analysis 2016 [Link]
29 Zhang, S., Okhrin, O., Zhou, Q.M. and Song, P.X.K. Goodness-of-fit test for specification of semiparametric copula dependence models. Journal of Econometrics 2016 [Link]
30 Ding, W. and Song, P.X.K. EM algorithm in Gaussian copula with missing data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 2016 [Link]
31 Han, P., Wang, L. and Song, P.X.K. Doubly robust and locally efficient estimation with missing outcomes. Statistica Sinica 2016 [Link]
32 M. Sampson, C. Robertson, S. Martini, L. Mariani, K. Lemley, C. Gillies, E.Otto, J.B. Kopp, A. Randolph, V. Vega-Warner, F. Eichinger, V. Nair, D. S. Gipson, D. Cattran, D. Johnstone, J. O'Toole, S. Bagnasco, P.X.K. Song, L. Barisoni, J. Troost, M. Kretzler1, J. Sedor and the Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network. Integrative genomics identifies novel associations with APOL1 risk genotype in African American NEPTUNE subjects. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 2016 [Link]
33 DS Gipson, JP Troost, R Lafayette, MA Hladunewich, H Trachtman, CA Gadegbeku, JR Sedor, LB Holzman, MM Moxey-Mims, K Perumal, FJ Kaskel, PJ Nelson, KR Tuttle, SM Bagnasco, MC Hogan, KM Dell, GB Appel, JC Lieske, TO Ilori, CB Sethna, FC Fervenza, SL Hogan, PH Nachman, AZ Rosenberg, LA Greenbaum, KE Meyers, SM Hewitt, MJ Choi, JB Kopp, O Zhdanova, JB Hodgin, DB Johnstone, SG Adler, C Avila-Casado, AM Neu, SR Hingorani, KV Lemley, CC Nast, TM Brady, L Barisoni, A Fornoni, JC Jennette, DC Cattran, MB Palmer, KL Gibson, HN Reich, MH Mokrzycki, KK Sambandam, GE Zilleruelo, C Licht, MG Sampson, P.X.K. Song, LH Mariani and M Kretzler. Complete Remission in the Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 2016 [Link]
34 L Barisoni, J Troost, C Nast, S Bagnasco, C Avila-Casado, J Hodgin, M Palmer, A Rosenberg, A Gasim, C Liensziewski, L Merlino, A Chang, S Meehan, J Gaut, P.X.K. Song, L Holzman, D Gibson, M Kretzler, B Gillespie and S Hewitt. Reproducibility of the NEPTUNE descriptor-based scoring system on whole slide images and histologic and ultrastructural digital images. Modern Pathology 2016 [Link]
35 Lemley, K.V., Bagnasco, S.M., Nast, C.C., Barisoni, L. Conway, C.M., Hewitt, S.M. and Song, P.X.K. Morphometry Predicts Early GFR Change in Primary Proteinuric Glomerulopathies: A longitudinal cohort study using generalized estimating equations.  PLoS ONE 2016 [Link]
36 Janevic, M., Stoll, S., Wilkin, M. Song, P.X.K., Baptist, A., Lara, M., Ramos-Valencia, G., Stephens, T.B., Persky, V., Uyeda, K., Lesch, J.K., Wang, W. and Malveaux,F.J. Pediatric asthma care coordination in underserved communities: A quasi-experimental study. American Journal of Public Health 2016 [Link]
37 Ma, S. and Song, P.X.K. Varying index coefficient models. Journal of the American Statistical Association 2015 [Link]
38 Lu, X. and Song, P.X.K. Efficient Estimation of the Partly Linear Additive Hazards Model with Current Status Data.  Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 2015 [Link]
39 Wang, F., Song, P.X.K. and Wang, L. Merging multiple longitudinal studies with study-specific missing covariates: A joint estimating function approach.  Biometrics 2015 [Link]
40 Bray, M. and Song, P.X.K. Comment on "Statistical modelling of citation exchange between statistical journals by C. Varin, M. Cattelan and D. Firth".  Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A 2015 [Link]
41 Bray M., Wang W., Song, P.X.K., Leichtman A. B., Rees M. A., Ashby V. B., Eikstadt R., Goulding A. and Kalbfleisch J. D. Planning for uncertainty and fallbacks can increase the number of transplants in a kidney paired donation program. American Journal of Transplanation 2015 [Link]
42 Zhou, Q.M., Song, P.X.K. and Thompson, M.E. Profiling heteroscedasticity in linear regression models.  Canadian Journal of Statistics 2015 [Link]
43 Feng, D., Song, P.X.K. and Tony S. Wirjanto. Time-deformation modeling of stock returns by duration processes.  Econometric Reviews 2015 [Link]
44 Han, P., Song, P.X.K. and Wang, L. Achieving semiparametric efficiency bound in longitudinal data analysis with dropouts.  Journal of Multivariate Analysis 2015 [Link]
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