The United Asian American Organizations (UAAO) is an umbrella organization for many Asian Pacific Islander American (A/PIA) student organizations on campus. We aim to foster greater collaboration between different organizations in order to better grow our community, share our experiences, and advocate for social justice issues that affect us and other marginalized communities.


The United Asian American Organizations was established in 1988 to work in unity to provide education on issues facing Asian Pacific Islander Americans, to promote awareness of Asian Pacific Islander American cultures, and to establish a communication core for the Asian Pacific American organizations and individuals at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.


Kathie Wu

Kathie is a junior studying Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering with a Minor in Business. She interned with the Navy this summer just outside of DC, and studied abroad in Hong Kong the year before. On campus, you can find her in West Quad, where she is a Diversity Peer Educator for the Connector *come visit!!* and on North, where she is always looking for people to eat with :)!

Aishu Chandrakanthan

Aishu is a senior studying Business and Psychology. In addition to her role as co-Chair, she is involved in Yoni Ki Baat and IASA! She says, "I love being a part of this community because I get the chance to meet other people who have similar identities and experiences to mine and actually have a safe space to discuss these things with. I also love that I have the support I need, especially through the recent trying times on campus these past few years, to really voice my opinions and feel supported and not alone."

Harnoor Singh

Harnoor Singh is a junior studying Sociology and Statistics. He is a student of the Sikh philosophy, which plays a large role in his thinking around issues of Social Justice. He has always had a passion for the idea of revolution and opposing social institutions that reproduce oppression and violence against communities. To the best of his abilities, he tries to continue to learn how to better serve communities, specifically those that are marginalized in society, and be an ally in standing up to and removing oppressive institutions.

Nisa Khan

Nisa is a senior in the School of Information, studying User Experience. She is interested in front-end development and data visualizations. Nisa is also an English minor—with these two subjects, she aims to get into writing and working on multimedia projects. Nisa has always been passionate about A/PIA representation in all different circles. She has been a part of the Asian American Journalists Association for a year now as well as an editor for the people of color section on the student newspaper, The Michigan Daily.

Kelly Ni

Kelly is a sophomore studying Civil Engineering. In addition to UAAO, she is involved with A/PIA High School Conference, rXn, and BLUELab India Project. She says her favorite part of being involved in the UAAO community is “becoming friends with people from completely different backgrounds that I wouldn't have met otherwise and learning from their unique views and experiences.”

Zoie Chang

Zoie is a junior majoring in International Studies and Sociology. She was born in Fremont, California, and then moved to Taiwan (where her parents are originally from). Zoie attended an international school in Taiwan—American school system—from first grade through twelfth, and then moved to Michigan for college. Some of her hobbies include karate, taekwondo, sitting in the sun and sleeping.



Dim Mang

When Dim was born 7, her family moved from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) to Tulsa, Oklahoma. When she was 10, she wrote a strongly-handed letter to President George W. Bush, insisting that he ensure APIA's are better represented (Though, not in those words at 10). Now Dim is 20, a History and Political Science major with a minor in Asian Studies with a propensity for iced lattes, and hoping to make a difference for and in this community.

Ashley Tjhung

Ashley Tjhung is a senior studying Public Policy with a minor in Intergroup Relations. On campus, she is involved in Michigan in Color, Michigan Community Scholars Program, and the Program on Intergroup Relations. Her favorite part about being a part of the UAAO community is “having people around me who understand my background and where I’m coming from and who always have great food!”

Tiana Huang

Tiana is a senior studying Public Health and International Studies. As the Internal Chair for UAAO, she is passionate about social justice issues, intercultural experiences and health care equality. Tiana first got involved in the APIA community through Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) and then found her sorority, aKDPhi, later on. Both organizations have shaped her experience in the APIA community.

Cristina Guytingco

Cristina is a sophomore from Mount Pleasant, Michigan and she is a second-year undergraduate in LSA. She is undecided with her major but stay tuned for more folks… Cristina likes to snap some photos, sing in the car by herself as loud as she can, and enjoys dancing and any creative outlet!

Fareah Fysudeen

Fareah is a sophomore studying English and Philosophy, with minors in Political Science and Playwriting. She loves doing work in social justice and speaking out to validate A/PIA identities, understand each other better, and building community around a shared identities or interests. Fareah is an aspiring fiction writer, playwright, and political activist. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, spending time with family and friends, and tweeting (@fareah_f).