Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences Training Program (MBSTP)

  • About the Program
  • Applying to the Program
  • Requirements of the Program
  • Faculty Requirements

    Faculty Requirements:
    All faculty are welcome to apply to the MBSTP program by contacting the director. To be a member of the MBSTP faculty we require that you:
    1) have an active research program that involves microfluidics, biosensors, or related disciplines;
    2) agree to place your mentor record on MTRAIN;
    3) agree to participate in activities such as the seminar and symposium.

    To have a student supported by the training grant, we require that you agree to:
    1) attend 2 seminars/year;
    2) attend the Symposium;
    3) ensure that your student complies with the requirements of the program;
    4) have funding to support the research outside the stipend provided;
    5) agree to participate in the program through teaching and/or service. Typical involvement may include one or more of the following:

  • giving a limited number of lectures for the core course;
  • helping to evaluate applicants;
  • giving a seminar for the seminar series;
  • lead or assist the Journal Club;
  • serve on the Executive Committee.