Module 3: Communication and Collaboration

From Computational Tool to Communication Device

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This module highlights instances where Michigan has been a leader in transitioning the computer from computational device to communication device. Michigan has been a continual presence in technology dialogue and Communication & Collaboration investigates the University’s role in vastly expanding the capabilities of technology. While many though only of the computational value of the computer, leaders at Michigan were developing technologies that would allow for some of the first digital collaborations. The target audience for this module is the University consortium, as Michigan’s contributions are most significant and most often under-represented in this area. Developers who helped make this significant change in computing will also have a vested interest in this module. Capturing and preserving instances where communication initiatives begun at Michigan have grown into other significant advancements is central to the exhibits. Communication technologies grow rapidly often leaving little evidence of their past, and they have been developed in a highly collaborative nature. Therefore to establish Michigan as one of the leaders in future communication development it is important to collect examples of past contribution—without them, there is no reference point for being on the technology “frontier.” Another essential component of this module is to sue the model of communication technology to build a community of exhibit patrons and contributors. Each story and experience within this module will originate from within the IT community, and will portray the significance of Michigan’s collaborative contributions to the continuing communication technology legacy.

We have chosen MTS as the first exhibit in the Communication & Collaboration module. We are conducting research for the exhibit, and we invite contributions via the MTS Wiki. You can also propose additions to the Module on the Communication & Collaboration Wiki.


Research Ongoing

The Michigan Terminal System (MTS) was a mainframe timesharing system that enabled collaboration & also spawned some of the first communication technologies..

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Do you have other ideas for the Communication & Collaboration Module? If you were involved with an IT project at Michigan that improved academic collaboration, let us know so we can add it to our collections!

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