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If you are interested in the Virtual Museum Project or have questions, comments or critiques, please let us know. We also enjoy meeting with others interested in IT history, or virtual approaches to documenting and exhibiting history. This project has been shaped by the contributions of many interested individuals and we hope it continues to evolve that way.



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What We're Looking For

We are currently looking for students, faculty or staff who remember the CRISP (Computer Registration Involving Student Participation) system. To create one of our first exhibits, the Virtual Museum Project is collecting oral histories related to CRISP. You can learn more about the developing exhibit here.

We are also looking for similar contributions for our developing MIDAC (Michigan Digital Automatic Computer) exhibit.

Museum Development

Like most Museums the Virtual Museum relies on community support. If you're interested in sponsoring exhibits, please contact us.

Story & Content Contributions

There are numerous stories from IT history residing only with the people who developed or used the technologies. If you have something to share, help build our collections. You can either contact us with your ideas, or contribute them directly to the Wiki.

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If you would like to be added to the Virtual Museum Project mailing list to receive updates, send an e-mail to: with the phrase mailing list in the subject line.

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