Module 2: Mechanisms of Learning

Technologies For and By Students

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In this module, we focus on the initiatives that have resulted from the University’s commitment to developing technologies to facilitate learning. The primarily audience of this module will be current University students, both in IT and in other academic disciplines, and University alumnus. Secondary interest will come from the larger University consortium interested in developments that originated at Michigan. Mechanisms of Learning will focus on instances where the University has created technologies to enhance the student experience—both on and off campus. This module will not be limited to advancements in technologies for the classroom, but will also encompass technologies that enhance access to information or resources that have supported students in navigating the University environment. The University has a long history of commitments to developing technologies with students. Often, major technological advancements have their origins in student coursework. Professor s who led such courses did so to develop future leaders in IT, demonstrating a vested interest in developing not just technologies, but technology leaders. Learning technologies, both for a and by student,  have also enhanced academic accomplishments, giving them improved access to collections at University Libraries, access to course information, and numerous conveniences to enrich study. Stories and experiences in this module will come from students who both helped to design technologies and who were end-users. Each contribution will demonstrate how the University has engaged students with technology, and how such technologies have had impacts beyond the campus setting.

We have chosen the CRISP system as the first exhibit in the Mechanisms of Learning module. The exhibit itself is under construction, but our research about CRISP has been posted. We also invite contributions via the CRISP Wiki. You can also propose additions to the Module on the Mechanisms of Learning Wiki.


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Computer Registration Involving Student Participation (CRISP) was a groundbreaking registration system that stemmed from an innovative learning opportunity.

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Do you have other ideas for the Mechanisms of Learning Module? If you were involved with an IT project at Michigan as a student or worked on a project that improved teaching and learning, let us know so we can add it to our collections!

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