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dynamic strings
dstrings.html 06Sep21 17:11:53EDT 48K The Dynamic-Strings glossary.
dstrings.fs 29Oct10 13:42:25EDT 48K ANS Forth implementation of the Dynamic-Strings word set.
dstrings-words.txt 14Sep10 15:44:49EDT 2.6K Functional listing of words in dstrings.fs and pfe DSTRINGS-EXT environment.
dstrings-test.fs 20Dec19 16:51:44EST 27K Test program for dstrings.fs or the pfe DSTRINGS-EXT environment. Loads dstester.fs, ttester-xf, and associated display files.
20Dec19 15:57:42EST
20Dec19 15:57:42EST
Hayes-style tester for words using the dynamic string or string frame stack in the dstrings library, and tests for the tester which load dstester.fs, ttester-xf, and associated display files.
trydstrings.fs 30Sep08 12:35:25EDT 4.6K Another test program for dstrings.fs or the pfe DSTRINGS-EXT environment.
dstring-utils.fs 21Oct10 18:07:04EDT 5.6K A library of dynamic string utilities, including number and date concatenations. Loads dstrings.fs by default, with the pfe DSTRINGS-EXT environment as an alternataive.
dstring-utils-test.fs 21Oct10 18:09:12EDT 6.2K Hayes tests for dstrings-utils.fs. Loads ttester.fs. 21Dec19 08:21:59EST 67K All of the above, plus tester and tester display files.
dstring-array.fs 25Aug21 23:03:55EDT 3.7K Arrays for dynamic strings. Loads dstrings.fs by default, but there's a PFE switch.
../pfe/dstrings/ C implementation, pfe DSTRINGS-EXT environment.
smodel.html 15Jul10 09:55:23EDT 27K A dynamic strings model.

ANS Forth strings
parsing.fs 28Oct10 09:43:03EDT 26K A parsing library for ANS Forth strings, represented on the data stack by (addr len), and the input stream. A consolidation of old words of ours, with some from Wil Baden's ToolBelt and other sources.
parsing.html 11Jan20 10:30:20EST 45K Documentation for the parsing library.
parsing-test.fs 26Oct10 08:29:06EDT 26K Hayes-style tests for the string parsing words in parsing.fs and parsing-ext.c. Loads ttester.fs. 28Oct10 16:55:29EDT 29K All of the above, plus ttester.
../pfe/parsing/ C implementation as a pfe external module.
21Oct10 07:56:05EDT
21Oct10 07:54:40EDT
21Oct10 07:56:28EDT
21Oct10 07:55:09EDT
19Feb11 11:07:50EST
21Oct10 07:54:04EDT
A collection of mostly small libraries for safe string storage with concatenation, using a cell-counted memory representation. They take off from the PLACE family of words in Wil Baden's ToolBelt, and include words for storing from the input stream across lines. Each one loads any of the others it needs, and any subset can be loaded in any order. The mstrings-linput.fs library loads all the others, and also parsing.fs, or the pfe module built from parsing-ext.c as an alternative.
mstrings.fs 27Feb11 11:12:49EST 11K Consolidation of the mstrings collection into one file.
mstrings.html 29Oct10 10:20:17EDT 27K Documentation and detailed glossaries for the mstring libraries.
mstrings-test.fs 27Feb11 11:22:50EST 14K Hayes-style tests for the mstring libraries. Loads ttester-xf and associated display files, or ttester.fs. 27Feb11 11:32:29EST 45K The mstrings libraries, documentation, and tests with all files needed to run them.
16Feb12 09:40:58EST
16Feb12 20:04:36EST
A modularization of the parsing and mstrings libraries using the Forth modules library, including source, documentation, tests, and all files needed to run the tests.
pattern.fs 30Jul04 12:11:16EDT 12K Wil Baden's code to enable argument expansion for simple string macros.
sarray.fs 30Mar07 13:03:21EDT 3.4K ANS Forth string arrays, with coalesced bodies.

parsing expressions
expr.html 15Jul10 09:50:53EDT 34K Parsing algorithms for source to source translation of Veltman's AAma (Ann Arbor macro assembler, M680x0) numerical and address expressions (not really restricted to AAma), including Backus-Naur form (bnf) parser code generation.
bnaut.fs 23Aug08 11:56:05EDT 22K ANS Forth automatic code generator for bnf's. Loads dstrings.fs, parsing.fs, and xstacks.fs, all of which are self-contained. Works with pfe and gforth. A PFE switch can be turned on to use pfe external C modules instead.
bnaut.out 09Feb07 10:33:25EST 3.8K Parser generator examples output.
aexpr.fs 09Mar07 11:59:08EST 2.7K Source for AAma address expression grammar bnf generation.
aexpr.out 09Mar07 11:59:41EST 1.8K AAma address expression grammar bnf generation output. The version we actually use is edited to break up long lines.

fstrings/ Some historical string development in Forth.


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