• "The Artist as Idiot". Rana Dasgupta with Raqs Media Collective (eds.) The Rest of Now: Manifesta, The European Biennale of Contemporary Art. Tyrol, Italy: Silvana Editoriale, 2008. Pp. 124-127.
    PDF file and Abstract

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  • “New Media Aesthetics”. Theory, Culture & Society: Annual Review. Special Issue: Problematizing Global Knowledge Commentaries. 24. 7-8 (January 2008): 317-318.
    For more information, go to:

  • “Moscow: Fortress City.” Pavilion: Contemporary Art and Culture Magazine. 12.1 (May 2008): 17-31. Translation (Romanian) and Reprint.
    PDF is available at
    http://bucharestbiennale.org/pavilion_12_vol1_low.pdf (3.33MB)

  • “Being Queen: The Art of Mithu Sen”. In It’s Good to Be Queen: Mithu Sen. Chelsea, New York: Bose Pacia Gallery Artist Book Series, 2008. 15-32.
    For more information, go to:

  • “Locating Cyberfeminist Art in Singapore.” In Proceedings of ISEA2008: InterSociety for Electronic Arts. Singapore: ISEA2008, July/August 2008: 35-36.
    PDF file and Abstract

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