Current members

Postdoctoral Associates


Graduate Students

  • Norman Meznarich
  • PhD Candidate, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Structure and kinetics of Pluronic F127 gel formation

    Anne Juggernauth


  • PhD Candidate, Macromolecular Sci. & Eng. Research Center, Materials Sci. & Eng.
  • Structure and kinetics of nanocomposites and photogeling systems

    Kiersten Batzli


  • PhD Candidate, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Inhibition of Amyloid Proteins Aggregation: A study of the aggregation kinetics and structural changes


  • Yi-Ting Lee
  • MS Candidate, Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemistry and kinetics of gel formation in collagen crosslinking

    Ao Cui
  • MS Candidate, Biomedical Engineering
  • Deformation in living cells using rapid pressure pulses and simultaneous monitoring applied strain in near real time

    Undergraduate Students

    Christian Bach
  • BS Candidate, Chemical Engineering
  • Wear behavior of elastomers