• Welcome to the Active and Functional Soft Matter Lab led by Professor Brian J. Love.


    Professor Brian J. Love is a Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Dental and Biologic Materials (Dental School) at the University of Michigan.

    Professor Love's current research interests span the area of soft and condensed matter physics with an emphasis on active materials and biological materials as well as structural polymeric materials.

    Prof Love studies amphiphillic block copolymers and their phase behavior in the presence of various additives ranging from pharmaceuticals to inorganic particles with an aim of understanding the inherent material properties and relationship with structural changes.

    In the area of biological materials, his current interest surround the study of different proteins to understand aggregation behaviors, as well as the development of treatments for occular diseases.

    In both areas, Prof Love combines the use of in-situ rheology as well as synchroton small angle x-ray scattering techniques (SAXS) to probe the physics of these systems. Current efforts on developing imaging methods are also underway to better visualize the changes occuring in these dynamic soft matter systems.