Equipment listed below is either owned by Prof Love or available through common user facilities at the University of Michigan

Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Lab

North Campus

  • JEOL 2010F TEM
  • JEOL3011 TEM
  • JEOL 2100 TEM
  • Cameca Atom Probe Microscope
  • Nova Nanolab Dual beam SEM
  • Quanta Dual Beam SEM
  • XL30 FEG SEM
  • Bruker Dimension Icon AFM
  • Kratos XPS
  • Nanoindenter

Central Campus

  • Phillips CM20 TEM
  • SEM
  • Cameca microprobe
  • Rigaku Ultima V
  • Other X-ray facilities

Van Vlack Lab in MSE

  • XL30 FEG SEM
  • Optical microscopes
  • Hardness testers
  • UV-Vis spectrometer
  • FTIR spectrometer
  • Rigaku miniflex XRD

X-Ray Microanalysis Lab

  • Rigaku
  • Bruker Nanostar
  • Bede
  • Bruker D8 AXS

Other commonly used facilities include the Lurie Nanofabrication Facilities (LNF) in the electrical engineering department and Microscopy and Imaging Labs (MIL) in the medical school