I could see when you walked in the door that you're a good Christian. You'll have no trouble finding religious and moral writings in my shop. I've got religion and morals coming out of my ears, I tell you. This type of literature is by far the most common in this day and age; everyone seems to snap the stuff up.103 Honestly, I can't tell whether they do it because they actually enjoy the moral teachings, because they believe it will help them to be better people, or because they just want to impress their neighbors and town clergy.104
While I have a specific section on religious and moral writing, I should let you know that a large portion of books in my store could fall under the same category. Even the writings whose main purpose isn't religion generally include morality and piety as integral aspects of their work.

If you want a more direct approach to religion, though, you'll find it here. I have all the main types: theological treatises, biblical commentaries, meditations, devotional manuals, interpretive discussions of current events, catechisms (some formal, some improvised), retelling of old (often biblical) stories, anecdotes about providence, spiritual biographies, diatribes against current manners and morals, and exhortations and manuals for good and proper conduct.105

The emphases in these works vary widely, as do their quality, length, and format. Despite their variety, they all share a certain zeal for piety and a focus on regulating behavior.106 I don't see how they can all have it right, but they certainly claim to be the authorities on the matter.
Perhaps you would like a sermon? We have a large number of them. Obviously they're not all good, but you're welcome to browse through and pick out anything that interests you. Perhaps you have a favorite sermon from your own parish preacher?107 If that is the case, it's very likely that you'll find it printed here. Or maybe you have a favorite sermon writer. If they are particularly good, sermon writers may gain a following among readers. Both John Tillotson and Jonathan Edwards gained popularity in this way.108
If you're like the majority of people, though, you'll be interested in one of our "guides." They are, after all, the most popular writing in this category.109 Guides show various situations and circumstances to the reader, to instruct them on how to conduct themselves. Don't worry, we've got conduct manuals and stories for every person and walk of life. Are you a merchant? A chambermaid? There's a manual with your name written on it. Are you looking for a manual to show your whole family the proper way to live? I can help with that, too. We've got manuals for all occupations, life conditions and classes, age groups, and even for people with particular problems or events in their lives.110 Are you getting married? Think your wife is cheating on you? Maybe these manuals can help. After all, there are certain regulations that we should all live our lives by, and these guides can show us how to live properly in society under the direction of the almighty God.


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