Sherif El-Tawil, PhD, PE

Professor and Associate Chair
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering | The University of Michigan

Research Group

Former MS Students

Andrew Law Andrew Law
MS 2003, UCF
BS 2000: UCF
Thesis: Pushover Methods for Seismic Analysis
Juan Ortega-Rosales Juan Ortega-Rosales
MS 2003, UCF
BS 1999: UCF
Thesis: Prestressing Concrete with Shape Memory Alloys
Edward Severino Edward Severino
MS 2003, UCF
BS 2001: UCF
Thesis: Vehicle Collision with Bridge Piers
Chris Kuenzli Chris Kuenzli
MS 2001, UCF
BS 1999, UCF
Thesis: Analysis and Design of Hybrid Wall Systems
Cahit Ogunc Cahit Ogunc
MS 2001, UCF
BS 1994: U. of Gazi, Turkey, MS 1998: U. of Cukurova, Turkey
Thesis: Static and Fatigue Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Girders strengthened with CFRP Laminates
Axia Vazquez Axia Vazquez
MS 2000, UCF
BS 1998: UCF
Thesis: Seismic Behavior and Rehabilitation of a Four Story Steel Building
Walter P. Moore, Orlando, Florida
Mandar Chaphalkhar Mandar Chaphalkhar
MS 2000, UCF
BS 1997: Pune Govt. College, India
Thesis: Strategies for Placing Access Holes in Curved Steel Box Girder Bridges
T. Y. Lin International, Tampa, Florida
Timothy Travers Timothy Travers
MS 1999, UCF
BS 1991: U Florida
Thesis: Prediction of Glass Plate Breakage due to Low Level Air Shocks
Egill Vidarsson Egill Vidarsson
MS 1998, UCF
BS 1995: Technical College of Iceland
Thesis: Inelastic Analysis and Design of FR Welded-Bolted Steel Connections
Almenna Consulting LTD, Fellsmuli 26, 108 Reykjavik, Iceland
Laura Lewis Laura Lewis
MS 1998, UCF
BS 1996: UCF
Thesis: Strength, Ductility, and Redundancy of RC Bridges Rehabilitated with FRP
Brockette, Davis, and Drake, Dallas, Texas
Tameka Mikesell Tameka Mikesell
MS 1997, UCF
BS 1996: UCF
Thesis: Strength and Ductility of FR Welded-Bolted Steel Connections
Black and Veatch, Aurora, Colorado