Sherif El-Tawil, PhD, PE

Professor and Associate Chair
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering | The University of Michigan

Research Group

Former Ph.D. Students

Julie Fogarty Prof. Julie Fogarty | Website
PhD 2015, UM
Dissertation: Computational and Analytical Modeling of the Collapse Resistance of Steel Columns
Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento
Jieshi Fang Dr. Jieshi Fang
PhD 2015, UM
Dissertation: Computational Study of Social Interactions and Collective Behavior during Human Emergency Egress
Investment Manager, CITIC Agriculture Investment Company, Ltd, Beijing, China
JSukhoon Pyo Dr. Sukhoon Pyo
PhD 2014, UM
Dissertation: Characteristics of Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites
Senior Researcher, Korea Railroad Research Institute, South Korea
Honghao Li Prof. Honghao Li | Website
PhD 2011, UM
Dissertation: Modeling, Behavior and Design of Collapse-Resistant Steel Frame Buildings
Assistant Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Philip Park Prof. Philip Park | Website
PhD 2011, UM
Dissertation: Characteristics and Applications of High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete
Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
Chung-Chan Hung Prof. Chung-Chan Hung | Website
PhD 2010, UM
Dissertation: Computational Simulation of Seismic Response of HPFRCC Coupled Wall Systems
Associate Professor, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Dongjoo Kim Prof. Dongjoo Kim | Website
PhD 2009, UM
Dissertation: Strain Rate Effect on High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites Using Slip Hardening High Strength Deformed Steel Fibers
Associate Professor, Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea
Kittinun Sirijaroonchai Dr. Kittinun Sirijaroonchai
PhD 2009, UM
Dissertation: A Macro-Scale Plasticity Model For High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites
Supat Suwwanakarn Dr. Supat Suwwanakarn (Tony Naaman, co-Chair)
PhD 2009, UM
Dissertation: Post-Cracking Characteristics of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites
Senior Engineer, Ch-Karnchang Public Company, Bangkok, Thailand
Adjunct Professor, Rajaphat Rajkanarin University, Bangkok, Thailand
Kapil Khandelwal Prof. Kapil Khandelwal | Website
PhD 2008, UM
Dissertation: Multiscale Computational Simulation of Progressive Building Collapse
Associate Professor, Notre Dame University
Ekin Ekiz Dr. Ekin Ekiz | Website
PhD 2007, UM
Dissertation: Inhibiting Steel Brace Buckling using CFRP
Instructor, Department of Architecture, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
Mohamed Hassan Dr. Mohamed Hassan
PhD 2003, UCF
Dissertation: Seismic Behavior and Design of Hybrid Wall Systems
Senior Project Director, Englekirk Consultants, Santa Ana, CA
Jin Jun Prof. Jin Jun | Website
PhD 2002, UCF
Dissertation: Seismic Performance of Steel Reduced Beam Section Moment Frames
Principal Technical Professional - Marine Energo Engineering/KBR, Houston, Texas
Lecturer, Ocean Engineering Department, Texas A&M University, Galveston