Principal Investigator

Prof. Eitan Geva

Department of Chemistry

Graduate Students

Callie Wilson

Department of Chemistry

Pouya Khazaei

Department of Chemistry

Zongwei Huang

Department of Chemistry

Group Alumni

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Yifan Lai May 1 2022 – August 15 2022 Post Doc in Hou Group in the University of Rochester
Dr. Maximilian Saller March 1 2020 – Feb 28 2022 currently a Cheminformatics Systems Engineer in Bristol-Myers-Squibb
Dr. Ellen Mulvihill January 1 2021 –Dec 31 2021 Currently Quantitative Analyst at Wolverine Asset Management
Dr. Xing Gao (高星) Nov. 2018-July 2020 Associate Professor, Sun Yat-sen University
Dr. Alex Schubert Jan 1 2016-Aug 15 2018 joint with Prof. Barry Dunietz, KSU, currently Computational Modelling Expert for OLED materials at Merck
Dr. Xiang Sun Jun. 2014-Jun. 2017 Assistant Professor of Chemistry at NYU Shanghai
Dr. Myeong Lee Apr 1 2012-Aug 15 2014 currently a postdoc in the University of Warwick U.K
Dr. Kijeong Kwac Sep. 2008-Aug. 2013 Postdoc at Korea Adv. Inst. of Science and Technology
Dr. Shaohui Zheng Jan. 2010-Aug. 2012 Professor, Southwest University, Chongqing, CN
Dr. Gabriel Hanna Sep. 2006-Jul. 2009 Associate Professor, University of Alberta, CA
Dr. Being Ka Jan. 2004-Aug. 2006 Postdoc in Thompson Group, University of Kansas
Dr. Mingliang Zhang Jul. 2004-Aug. 2006 Postdoc in Ohio
Dr. Qiang Shi Jan. 2001-Apr. 2004 Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Dong Wang Jun. 2002-Apr. 2004  
Dr. Svetlana Malinovskaya Sep. 2001-Feb. 2002 Associate Prof., Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ

Graduate Students

Dr. Yudan Liu May 1 2019 - March 9 2023 PhD, Currently consultant at Boston Consulting Group
Ms. Dalia Hassan May 1 2021 - December 31 2022 M.Sc., Chemistry student, currently graduate school at Rutgers University
Dr. Kristina Lenn May 1 2018 - Jan 10 2023 PhD, Currently Chemistry instructor in Touro College (Israel)
Dr. Yifan Lai May 1 2017 - April 30 2022 PhD, currently postdoc at the University of Rochester
Dr. Ellen Mulvihill May 1 2016 - Dec. 3 2020 PhD, currently quantitative analyst at Wolverine Asset Management
Dr. Kyle Williams Aug. 2013-Aug. 2018 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Corning Community College
Dr. Heidi P. Hendrickson May 2009-Aug. 2015 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Lafayette College
Dr. Surma Talapatra May 2010-Aug. 2014 Data Analyst, Gunnison Consulting Group
Dr. Porscha McRobbie Jun. 2005-Aug. 2010 Working at Mathematica
Dr. Frank X. Vázquez Jun. 2005-Jul. 2010 Assistant Professor in Chemistry at St. John's College
Dr. Brian D. Jennings Nov 15 2007-Dec 22 2010 AIM program, Joint with Prof. A. Uribe. Currently Assistant Prof. at Westfield State University
Dr. Jianyuan Shang Jun. 2002-Dec. 2006 Quantitative Analyst, Constellation Energy
Dr. Irina Navrotskaya Jun. 2002-Dec. 2006 Assistant Teaching Professor in Mathematics at Penn State Wilkes-Barre


Isabelle Zellaya Jan 1 – April 30 2019 University of Michigan
Geyao Gu July 9 – Sep 14 2018 USTC, China
Yudan Liu Oct. 1 2017 – Feb 15 2018 USTC, China
Francis Devine Sp10 – F14 University of Michigan
Richard Sutherland Sp14 – F14 University of Michigan
Daphna Porat F13-Sp14 University of Michigan
Jessica Shost W12,F13, W14 University of Michigan
Pavel Okun W12,F13 University of Michigan
Elliot MacNeille W12 University of Michigan
Morgan Hammer June 1 – July 15 2012 REU student from Ohio Northern University
Victoria Washington F11 Chemistry student
Chenchen Song June 26 2011 – Aug 20 2011 Tsinghua University, Beijing China
Nicholas Preketes Dec. 2006-May 2008 Chemistry graduate student in the Andricioaei and Mukamel groups, UC Irvine
Sanjaykumar S. Ramoliya May. 2005-Aug. 2005  
Roberto Omar Vega Morales Jun. 2003-May 2004 Physics graduate student, California State University, San Diego
Tait Chamberlin Sep. 2001-Apr. 2002  
Michael Bourland Sep. 2000-Apr. 2001