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American Radicalism Collection (MSU)

Anarchy Archives

Cases and Materials on American Federalism (Amber/Purdue)

Classic Texts

AristophanesThe Clouds
AristotleNichomachean Ethics
BrutusAnti-Federalist Papers
BurkeReflections on the Revolution in France DeweyDemocracy and Education FilmerPatriarcha
HegelPhilosophy of Right HobbesLeviathan HomerThe Iliad
KantFundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals
Perpetual Peace
LockeA Letter Concerning Toleration
Both Treatises on Government
Second Treatise on Civil Government
LucretiusOn the Nature of Things
LutherTemporarl Authority: To What Extent Should It Be Obeyed? MachiavelliMandragola (Italian)
The Prince
MadisonFederalist Papers
-- Another Copy
Communist Manifesto
Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844
On the Jewish Question
Mill Considerations on Representative Government
On Liberty
The Subjection of Women
MontesquieuThe Spirit of Laws
The Republic
RousseauDiscourse upon the Origin and the Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind
Second Discourse on Inequality
The Social Contract
St. AugustineCity of God
St. Thomas AquinasSumma Theologica SophoclesPhiloctetes TacitusAnnals of Imperial Rome
ThucydidesHistory of the Peloponnesian War TocquevilleDemocracy in America VattelLaw of Nations
WollstonecraftVindication of the Rights of Woman

Deep Blue (UMich)

Foundations of Political Theory

From Marx to Mao

Humanities Text Initiative

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Marxists Internet Archive

Nationalism Links (Paul Treanor)

Nationalism Project (UnivWisc)

Philosophy Pages (Kemerling)

Political Theory (Vanderbilt)

Political Theory (University of Keele)

Political Theory at the University of Michigan

Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis (Indiana University)

Library of Congress Subject Headings for Political Theory

Aristocracy (Political Science)Authoritariansim AuthorityAutonomy BiopoliticsBuddhism and Politics
BureaucracyCabinet System Central-Local Government RelationsChristianity and Politics CitizenshipCity-States
CivicsCommon Good Communication in PoliticsComparative Government ConservatismConstitutions
Constitutions, StateCorporate State Coups d'etatDecentralization in Government Delegation of PowersDemocracy
DictatorshipDivine Right of Kings ElectionsEquality Executive PowerFederal Government
Filibusters (Political Science)Government, Resistance to Hinduism and PoliticsIdeology ImperialismIndividualism
Initiative, Right ofInternational Organization Islam and PoliticsJainism and Politics Judaism and PoliticsKoran--Political Science
LiberalismLiberty Local GovernmentMilitary Government of Dependencies Ministerial ResponsibilityMonarchy
NationalismOligarchy Opposition (Political Science)People's Democracies PlebiscitePolarization (Social Sciences)
Police PowerPolitical Antropology Political DevelopmentPolitical Obligation Political PartiesPolitical Psychology
Political Science Political SociologyPolitics, Practical PopulismPower (Social Sciences) Pressure Groups
Protectorates Public AdmiinistrationPublic Domain Public LawPublic Opinion Radicalism
Referendum Religion and PoliticsRepresentative Government and Representation RepublicanismRepublics Restorations, Political
Revolutions Right and Left (Political Science)Separation of Powers Sikhism and PoliticsSocial Contract Social Contract
Sovereignty State GovernmentsState Rights States, Size ofStates, Small Subsidiary
Symbolism in Politics Television and PoliticsTribal Government UtopiasVillage Communities World Politics

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