Professor Georg Raithel

Winter 2016 - Physics 351 - Methods of Theoretical Physics

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Scope:The course will cover vector analysis and coordinate systems, a brief discussion of tensors, linear algebra, an introduction to complex variables and complex analysis, infinite series, differential equations, Fourier analysis, and a brief introduction to probability. The aim of the course is to prepare students of physics and related disciplines with the mathematical background needed for many of the 400-level courses.

Textbook: Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, Author: Mary L. Boas, Publisher: Wiley, 3. ed., 2006, ISBN: 13 978-0-471-19826-0

Class times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 3PM-4PM in 296 WEISER

Office hours and lecture makeup dates: Tuesdays 6PM and Fridays 5PM, 4255 Randall / location TBA

Instructor: Georg Raithel, Office: 4255 Randall,

GSI Assistant: Eric Shahly,


Midterm 1 Date: TBD

Midterm 2 Date: TBD

Final Exam Date: Tuesday, April 26 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Homeworks and writing projects will be collected on a due date and graded. No late work will be accepted.


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