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MEAM 305

Introduction to Finite Element Methods


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General Information

Homework and Examination



Contents Covered in the Course (Tentative)

Part I : General Introduction to FEM

1. What is FEM ? Relation with CAE, FEM Programs

2. Typical Finite Element Library

3. Finite Element Modeling

4. Type of Finite Element Analysis

Part II : Foundation of FEM

1. FEM for Truss/Frame Structures ( will be skipped )

2. Dynamics for Truss/Frame Structures ( will be covered at the end of the course )

3. FEM for Plane Elasticity using QUAD4 ( will be skipped )

4. QUAD4 : Plate/Shell Structures ( will be skipped )

5. HEXA8 : Three-Dimensional Solid Element

6. Heat Transfer Analysis ( will be skipped )

7. Flow Analysis ( will be skipped )

Part III : Advanced Topics of FEM

1. Mesh Generation Methods and Adaptive Finite Element Methods

2. Sensitivity Analysis and Design Optimization

3. Recent Trends in FEM Technology

Crash Simulation of a Car Body by DYNA ( Lowrence Rivermore Lab )

Instructor : Noboru Kikuchi

Office Hours and Grade System

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Homework and Additional Notes

All the document files for homework and additional notes are prepared by MS Words 6.0.1 in Mac to create postscript files for Acrobat 3.0 to make #.pdf files for internet posting. Acrobat 3.0 Reader can be downloaded from Adobe, and these files should be read in any Mac, Window, and Unix computers.

  • Homework #1 ( 2/10/97 ) Posted on 1/31/97
  • Homework #1 Solutions by Mr. Chiku ( 3/12/97 ) Posted on 1/31/97
  • Additional Note #1 for Equation Solvers for Finite Element Methods : Posted on 2/5/97
  • Homework #2 (3/12/97) Posted on 2/14/97
  • Homework #2 Solutions by Mr. Yoo Posted on 4/6/97
  • Homework #3 (4/29/97) Posted on 4/6/97
  • Homework #3 Solutions by Mr. Yoo Posted on 5/6/97
  • Midterm Examination
  • Solutions / Midterm Examination
  • Final Examination
  • Solutions / Final Examination

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