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Thank you for visiting my professional web space. You will find selected older articles and abstracts linked from the articles link to the right. Newer articles will be added dependent upon time and copyright permissions from the original publishers. Please also see the MLA Guide link at the top of this page for information regarding the primary focus of my current writing efforts.

My research interests have at various times encompassed clinical decision making; e-health; evidence-based health care methodologies; information seeking behaviors; educational technologies and media; internet search engines; neural networks and artificial intelligence; patient information needs and behaviors; technological gatekeeping; technology and information transfer; user interface design; web-accessibility and related ADA issues; dental informatics; dental history; and educational strategies related to most of the aforementioned. Currently, I have just begun exploring Second Life with respect to education.

For additional information, you may reach me at: pfa@umich.edu.


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Relocation Demo Search [1999]
Tommy sat down next to Jonathan and reached for the keyboard -- and Mary Kay took it away from them both. "This is my pidgin," she said firmly, and they relinquished it. (Mary Kay is one of the secret masters of the world: a librarian. They control information. Don't ever piss one off.) -- Spider Robinson, The Callahan Touch, p. 64.
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