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P.F. Anderson

Since 1998, I have been the Head Librarian for the Dentistry Library of the University of Michigan. The UM Dentistry Library is one of the largest in the world, certainly one of the top few.

It is a great privilege to have the opportunities and challenges which are the natural accompaniment of working in one of the finest institutions in the world with world leaders in their own research areas. Some of the more exciting opportunities which have presented themselves in the past few years include:

  • consulting for the NIH on searching methodologies for several of the systematic reviews for the Consensus Development Conference on Diagnosis and Management of Dental Caries;

  • the Books for Africa Project, funded by Colgate-Palmolive, which has since expanded to include Armenia;

  • serving as part of Dr. Amid Ismail's team to teach an annual international course on methdologies and issues for evidence-based dentistry and systematic reviews;

  • various collaborations with Nancy Allee (PHISA), including continuing development of the research which has served as the foundation of the Megasite Project, and which has developed into book chapters, book contracts, and speaking engagements; and

  • the very exciting opportunity to test the theories resulting from some of these projects in the courses I teach for the School of Dentistry (which has led to much of my published and presented research).

Projects in progress (aside from the book!) currently focus on creating an internationally accessible online archive of early significant works in dental history. The first of these is a 1755 German-language text by Johann Conradi. It takes the form of a managerial summary of the state of the art of dentistry at the time, with Conradi mentioning personal connections to several of the early founders of dentistry, such as Pierre Fauchard. This very rare book has not previously been accessible to researchers except at the National Library of Medicine. We hope to have it available online to a wider dental history research community by the end of 2002 or early in 2003, and we are seeking funding for the conversion of additional works and collections.

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Significant Influences:

For more information about my professional background, take a look at my current resume and/or (less current) bibliography of publications and awards.


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It may be that denouncing the ideals of objectivity or neutrality associated with the sciences leads us into a trap: that of accepting, in order to criticize it, that there would be a common identity for the many ways to produce science. Learning to laugh, we choose to laugh with and laugh at. But we accept the risk of being interested, that is, of giving up the position of a judge. -- Stengers, Isabelle. Deutscher, Penelope, tr. "Another Look: Relearning to Laugh." Hypatia 2000 15(4):41-54. URL: http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/hypatia/v015/15.4stengers.pdf
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