Ken MacLean: Introduction to Spatial Analysis (SNRE 530)
Farmer on the way to his field in Lai Chau Province, Northern Viet Nam
Terracing in Lao Cai Province


The maps included here are not directly related to my research on sustainable development projects in northern Viet Nam. Due to data collection problems, I opted to modify a series of maps in order to familiarize myself with different software packages. The end-products were created using: Claris, Adobe Photoshop, Netscape Communicator, Arcview, Atlas, Digital Charts of the World, Map-Edit (clickable maps),GIF Movie Gear (animated maps), MS Excel, as well as software extensions for a 3-D map.


Mapping Ethnic Diversity:


These Maps are Color-Coded on the Basis of 1990 Census Data. The darker the color, the greater the percentage of the province's total population.
Distribution Map of Tay-Thai Groups Distribution Map of Mien Groups
Distribution Map of Viet-Muong Groups Distribution Map of Austronesian Groups
Distribution Map of Hmong-Dao Groups Distribution Map of Mon-Khmer Groups

Relief Maps:



Other Maps and Items of Interest:

Transplanting Rice in Central Viet Nam


Fisherfolk in Halong Bay