DNW's Forth Page

Revised: July 15, 2010

Randolph Peters' short and elegant Pocket-Forth packages: Case, OO, Struct.


Structures. There have been many approaches, and the following list is certainly incomplete. John Hayes and Marcel Hendrix are prominently mentioned in these links. Common practice has disilled a simple and elegant approach that was standardized in Forth 200x in 2007.


Forth to C translation. We know of only three such translators, including our own.

Complex arithmetic and elementary functions

External modules for pfe. Besides the dynamic string and complex math modules which are part of the pfe distribution, we have written a few external modules. Among them is an experimental implementation of a 2009 proposal for IEEE floating point.

kForth in MacOS X. We did a port of Krishna Myneni's kForth to the PowerPC under MacOS X. Our main contribution was the ppc assembly language code for the virtual machine, including Forth primitives and mixed precision division subroutines, plus a number of tests.

While we still use pfe as our main Forth system, we're impressed by kForth's relatively lean design among C-based Forth's. Its byte-code threading scheme allows control structures and return stack manipulations that are normally compilation only to work also in interactive mode. And its performance on the standard four benchmarks is quite decent. We get a user time ratio of about 4.00 for kForth-fast 1.4.0 compared to gforth-fast 0.6.2 on our dual-G4 osx system, and 2.86 on a tri-i686 linux system.

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