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Cesar Chavez's accomplishments and acheivements on behalf of the the farmworkers are his legacies to the world. After his death, we still celebrate him in the United States in many ways. There are awards, schools, coins, stamps, museums, and much more that help us to remember the life and work of this heroic man. The following is a list of different honors and awards given to Cesar Chavez as well as other tributes to his name and his work.

Medal of Freedom

In 1994, one year after Cesar Chavez died, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Clinton for his work as a labor leader(12). This award is the nation's highest civilian award.

Chavez's wife, Helen Chavez, received the medal in his honor at a cermony held at the White House.

The Stamp

Chavez was honored with three stamps, two from the United States Postal System, one from Mexico.

This Commemorative stamp was released on April 23, 2003.

In addition to these honors, there have also been schools, streets, libraries, legislation and celebrations named and given in his honor. The following are some examples of the awards and places that are dedicated to Cesar Chavez.


Cesar Chavez Central Library in Stockton-San Joaquin


Annual Awards in César E. Chávez's Name

Legacy Award César E. Chávez Foundation

César Chávez Award Northwest Indiana Hispanic Coordinating Council

César E. Chávez Honorarian Award UAW, Fisher Local 602

National Awards

César E. Chávez Award American Association for Affirmative Action

Portrait of Success/César Chávez Award Hispanic Development Corporation

César Chávez Community Service Award La Raza Centro Legal

César Chávez Peace and Justice Award Utah Coalition of La Raza

César E. Chávez Environmental Justice Award Alliance of Ethnic & Environmental Organizatios

César Chavez Community Service Award United States Hispanic Leadership Conference


Fresno State Peace Garden

This is the first full sized monument which was dedicated to him on March 31, 1996 at the Fresno State Peace Garden.



This is the Cesar Chavez Memorial Murial that is located at Sonoma State University .