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Castillo, Richard Griswold and Garcia, Richard A.. Cesar Chavez: A Triumph of Spirit.London: University of Oklahoma Press, 1995.

Castillo and Garcia discuss the origins of the cause set forth by Cesar Chavez. The book illustrates the actions taken by Chavez as well as by Dolores Huerta. The book mentions the UFW constitutional convention as well as other main events carried out by Chavez.

Dalton , Frederick J. The Moral Vision of Cesar Chavez. New York: Orbis Books, 2003.

This book presents the “Vision of Liberation” of Cesar Chavez as related to the farmworkers' movement and his fight against discrimination through nonviolent actions. The book highlights his own experiences with hard times and exploitation to working in the fields.

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This is a well-organized and interesting book that discusses the life and work of Cesar Chavez. The book includes several guest essays about Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers Movement which helps exemplify the impact of this movement.

"CEC Chronology .” April 2000. 3 pp. <>[Accessed November 8, 2005 ]

The author here presents a detailed chronology of the life of Cesar Chavez. The site contains a comprehensive list of the events which caused Chavez's political identity, the causes he championed, and the results he helped produced.

“ Cesar Chavez, Biography .” 2004. 5 pp. <> [Accessed November 8, 2005 ]

This website consists of a detailed look at Cesar Chavez's life and principles. It also offers a thorough account of the outside events which helped create Chavez's staunch convictions.

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This site is an encyclopedic look into Cesar Chavez's programs, work, and the outcomes of his actions. Also, the author presents a detailed list of people which helped influence Chavez throughout his life.

"Medal of Freedom." 2005.[Accessed December 1, 2005]

This site describes the Medal of Freedom and other honors that were given to Cesar Chavez. More specifically, this site has pictures and explainations of Cesar Chavez receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, being nominated for Congressional Gold Medal and the Cesar Chavez stamp.

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This site shares a biography of Cesar Chavez for educational purposed. It also has several translations of his history.

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This website highlights the life and work of Cesar Chavez. The site has a page dedicated to the importance of Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning. It also addresses how people can get involved with the foundation.

“Cesar Chavez Day.” 2005. 2pp. < [Accessed December 5, 2005 ]

This website is a great source for those interested in learning more about Cesar Chavez Day. The website provides educational resource tools to be used by schools and teachers in regards to the work and accomplishments of Cesar Chavez.

“Official Website of U.S. Senate Barbara Boxer.” 2005 http://boxer.senate. gov/chavez/index.cfm [Accessed December 5, 2005 ]

This site offers information on the events and activities surrounding Cesar Chavez Day through U.S. Senate Barbara Boxer. This site addresses the significance of Cesar Chavez Day. This site is dedicated to events in the state of California.