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“Remembering Cesar Chavez”: Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning was officially established to be March 31st . This date was chosen in honor of Cesar's birthday. Seven states have formally made this day a holiday. These seven states include Arizona , California , Colorado , Michigan , New Mexico , Texas and Utah. (26) Many other cities and countries celebrate this day as well through parades and special gatherings commemorating the work of Chavez. These places have dedicated this day as a day to celebrate the fight for equality led by Chavez.

In the state of California , Senate Bill 984 was called for the creation of Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning on March 31st which was signed by Governor Davis in August 2000. The Senate Bill 984 establishes that schools celebrate the work and accomplishments of Cesar Chavez. State Superintendent Delaine Eastin asks educators to honor Cesar Chavez through education and community service. (27) The California Department of Education has created a Model Curriculum for Cesar Chavez with background information about the law, CDE contacts, curriculum development and attention to standards to help schools and teachers. This site explains that K-12, online, standards-based curriculum development will occur between March 2001 and March 2002 to include :

  • biographies for students
  • lesson plans for teachers
  • primary source materials, including speeches and writings of Chavez
  • oral histories of those who participated in historical events related to the causes advocated by Chavez

Important Cesar Chavez Day Update

On August 11, 2003 , Assembly Bill 1756, a trailer bill to the 2003-2004 State budget, became law. The bill calls for the suspension of all Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning grant funding from July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2006 . As a result, the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation will continue to provide resources to support local communities and youth in service activities honoring Cesar E. Chavez. (28)


Current Legislation

S.359: The Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits, and Security Act of 2005 (AgJOBS). This bill would:

•  provide for the adjustment of status of certain foreign agricultural workers;

•  amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to reform the H-2A worker program;

•  provide a stable, legal agricultural workforce; and

•  extend basic legal protections and better working conditions to more workers.

S.14: The Fair Wage, Competition, and Investment Act of 2005. This bill would:

•  provide fair wages for America 's workers;

•  create new jobs through investment in America ; and

•  provide for fair trade and competitiveness.

S.357: The Next Generation Hispanic Serving Institutions Act. This bill would:

•  provide first-time support for graduate education at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs);

•  provide new program support for two-year HSI's; and

•  authorize $125 million in new spending on graduate education enhancements at HSIs beginning in federal fiscal year 2006.

This current legislation was from the Official Website of U.S. Senate Barbara Boxer(29)