Latinos and Healthcare:

Adjusting to a new and different culture is extremely difficult and can even make you sick. Research has revealed a Latino health paradox: Evidence suggests that social and economic factors are important determinants of health. Yet, despite higher porverty rates, less education, and worse access to health care, health outcomes of many Hispanics living in the United States today are equal to, or better than, those of non-Hispanic whites.[4] However, this reported paradox might not actually hold true when specific health issues (diabetes and HIV) are examined. Acculturation has been studied in relation to prevalence of chronic illnesses and utilization of health services. Aspects of the lifestyle of particular cultural groups (e.g., dietary habits, patterns of physical activity) may affect the development of s pecific diseases. [5] With this knowledge on the health of incoming Latinos, securing proper healthcare should be a top priority.

A reliable health care plan and access to health facilities and hospitals is essential to any family in the United States.  The following websites contain information regarding current or past epidemics and efforts to reduce or avoid them, facilities offering low cost or free vaccinations in your area, and possible insurance options for family and individual coverage.  Washtenaw County’s very own St. Joseph Mercy Hospital is ranked as one of the top 100 national cardiovascular hospitals in the nation as of 2006! [3] Our listings also contain featured links to 30 reputable regional and nationwide dental plans to reduce costs and offer a variety of payment options to consider.

The following are links to helpful healthcare resouces and insurance options available in Washtenaw County as well as some national resources:

National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Main offices are located in Washington DC and can be contacted by phone at 202-387-5000. Their mission is to improve the health and well-being of Hispanics. They are dedicated to promoting community-based solutions to the difficulties Hispanics face in receiving health care within the United States. They serve to inform and mobilize consumers, support health and human service providers in the delivery of quality care, improve the science base for accurate decision making by promoting better and more inclusive research, promote appropriate use of technology, insure accountability and advocate on behalf of Hispanics, and promote philanthropy. The website provides a wide range of health information and web-based resources to promote awareness and a more heath-savy Hispanic population.


St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital has centers in Ypsilanti (734-712-3456), Saline (734-429-1500), and Livingston (517-545-6000). Major clinical services include cancer, cardiovascular, orthopedics, neurosciences, emergency medicine, women's and children's health, senior health, and a full range of surgical services. Leading national and regional magazines named their facilities as a Top Hospital for services including childbirth, heart attacks, back pain and knee replacement. Their physicians have been ranked as Top Doctors in specialties such as cardiovascular, orthopedics, oncology, neurosciences, gastroenterology and urology. They also boast a completely computerized order entry system that both improves medical care and reduces medical errors.


Washtenaw Health Plan Insurance (WHP)

Washtenaw Health Plan (WHP) is a health coverage program for low-income Washtenaw County residents without health insurance.  WHP helps people to access the health care services they need.  Persons who qualify for WHP may enroll in either "WHP Plan A" or "WHP Plan B." Once one has become a member of either Plan A or Plan B, several member education programs will be held to inform members about covered and non-covered services. Plan A offers a more comprehensive health plan and is available for residents who enroll in the Adult Benefit Waiver Program (ABW). Plan B is for residents who do not qualify for the Adult Benefit Waiver (ABW; WHP Plan A), Medicaid, MIChild, Medicare, or other publicly-sponsored health-coverage programs.


M-Care Insurance 734-747-8700, 800-527-5549

M-Care was developed by the U-M and has more than 200,000 members and contracts with 1,500 employer groups in southeastern Michigan. It offers HMO, point-of-service, PPO, health savings account (HSA), and Medicaid plans. M-Care has grown from its beginning at the University of Michigan and has become on of the state's leading health care plans. It serves Southeastern Michigan. M-Care boasts conviencem, outstanding quality, innovative plans and services, and flexibility.


Medicaid Insurance - 734-481-2000

Medicaid provides insurance options for groups of Michigan residents such as thos below the federal poverty level, the blind or otherwise disabled people, seniors over the age of 65, for children under the age of 18, and for pregnant women. Health care coverage is available to individuals and families who meet certain eligibility requirements. The goal of these health care programs is to ensure that essential health care services are made available to those who otherwise do not have the financial resources to purchase them.


University of Michigan Health System - 734-936-4000

The University of Michigan Health System is comprised of C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, University Hospital, Women's Hospital, the University of Michigan Medical School, M-Care, and more than 30 health centers and over 120 outpatient clinics. The defining qualities of the University of Michigan are excellence in patient care, medical research, and medical education. University of Michigan Health System one of five to be recognized by the University HealthSystem Consortium as demonstrating excellence in delivering high-quality, safe, effective, and equitable care to their patients.


Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Washtenaw County Public Health is working to protect your health in the event of a pandemic influenza outbreak or of any public health emergency. Plans to control a pandemic locally are continuously reviewed and strengthened. Public Health has strategies in place to identify and report communicable diseases, including influenza. Public Health also works closely with state authorities and local partners to coordinate and test response plans. Full preparedness requires informed and ready citizens. Review and use the resources below to prepare for a pandemic or any public health emergency. Help us protect the health of our entire community by preparing yourself, your family, your workplace and your community. This website offers planning checklists for pandemic influenza, key topics, helpful websites, and contact information for the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

Washtenaw County Dental Plans

This website allows users to input their zip code and find several dental plans that are offered in their area. It also provides users with the option to search for a dentist in their area. Some of the dental plans they identify for Washtenaw County are listed below:

Aetna Dental Access

Preferred Network Access

Dental Care Advantage

DHA-Access Plan

Dentemax Discount Dental Plan

Protective Dental Plan

GE Wellness Plan (Dental Only)

Affordable Family Health Services




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