Our aim is to offer Washtenaw County’s Latino community a variety of resources in an effort to familiarize themselves with the area. Our site will contain a variety of contacts and links geared toward assisting the local Latino population, devoting particular attention to those unfamiliar with the English language.

For this assignment we must acknowledge the  difficulty sometimes associated with immigrating to a new country by recognizing the challenges one faces on their journey.  Clearly, many new immigrants are faced with an enormous change and must make their adjustments accordingly.  In conducting our researchon immigration and its patterns, we will study Latino populations and settlements in the United States as a whole, the independent state of Michigan, and more specifically, the Washtenaw county area. We will attempt to compile a number of associations whose primary interests reside in the comfort and safety of Latino families and individuals.  For those struggling with the English Language barrier, we will do our best to incorporate a way to express these services in the simplest form and layout.  The following ideas regarding possible services include but are not limited to Latino education, religion, Latino cuisine, potential job opportunities, health care systems and Latinos in the mass media.

It is our hope to convey the message in the most basic way, with the advantage of one native Spanish speaker and another Spanish student. The majority of our site will obviously utilize English as the primary language but will contain certain Spanish words in the most effective way.  We are not certain about the layout of our website but will incorporate links pertaining to each “bullet” we research and determine to be most useful.  Our primary objective is still to accommodate the local Latino population residing in Washtenaw County as well as on the national level.




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